7 Things You Need To Do Before Considering IVF

7 Things You Need To Do Before Considering IVF

Getting pregnant now has become much easier than before. Advanced research and technology have brought many infertility treatments and medications. Among them, IVF is the most effective one. The best IVF center in Mohali and other parts of the country helps many couples to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. There is no side effect of In Vitro Fertilization, and it's an entirely safe medical treatment.

IVF is the combination of both drugs and surgical procedures. The reproductive endocrinologist raises your or your spouse's chances of getting by placing the fertilized egg artificially in the uterus. However, first, they prescribe you some medicines that regulate the ovulation cycle. It helps in making several mature eggs. When the egg matures, physicians collect them and infuse sperm into them in an advanced lab environment. And keep them at low temperature until the egg turns into an embryo.

IVF is a lengthy procedure and includes several steps; hence, you need to be very patient. Moreover, some females conceive in 1st round while others need to undergo more than one cycle. Besides having so many benefits, people have some misconceptions about this technology. Therefore, it would be better not to believe them.

This article will highlight seven things that you need to make your IVF treatment successful and effective. Here we go.

        Manage Your Weight

Obesity can become a big snag in IVF treatment; because the fats make it difficult for fertility doctors to see your ovaries and collect the fertilized egg. Similarly, being underweight can also affect your fertility and the effectiveness of the IVF technique. In addition, females with low weight have low estrogen levels, which can wreak havoc on your ovulation cycle. Therefore, it is always recommended to maintain optimum weight before opting for IVF.

        Pay Attention to Physical Fitness

Your physical well-being can have a significant impact on the IVF results. Hence, it is pivotal to do exercise and work out. It is very beneficial for cardiovascular health and increases heart rate. As per the report of AHA, one should practice healthy exercise at least for 30 minutes 5 days a week to elevate the odds of getting pregnant with IVF treatment.

        Limit Caffeine Consumption

If you are serious about conception, you need to reduce your caffeine intake. Limit coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks and switch to healthy fruit juices. Don't devour tea more than 2 cups a day to get positive outcomes with IVF.

        Quit Tobacco

According to specialists of infertility clinic Mohali, chewing tobacco or inhaling cigarettes can also disrupt your ability to become a parent. This is because it will affect the quality of your egg as well as your sperm. That's why quitting such a toxic substance is the best option.

        Age Matters

Age plays a vital role in IVF success. If you are below 35, there are high chances of getting pregnant with IVF technology. But the success rate of IVF drops significantly with age beyond 35 years. Therefore, if you really want to conceive with IVF, it would be better to get it without waiting too long. Moreover, if you consider In Vitro Fertilization treatment after your 40's, there is a high probability that you need the help of an egg donor.

        Do Not Take Stress

You might not know, but stress indeed hinders the success of IVF. Hence, it is vital to learn several ways to deal with stress. You can bust the daily stress by practicing yoga, going on walks, and taking massage therapy. Apart from these, acupuncture is beneficial to get rid of inevitable stress.

        Take Supplements

Don't hesitate to consume supplements to incline your odds of getting pregnant with IVF. Dietary supplements like iron, calcium, and multivitamins fill the nutritional gaps and improve eggs' quality. However, it is vital to concern the doctor before starting dietary alternatives.

The Bottom Line -:

It is common to feel negative when you are suffering from infertility issues. But don't lose your heart. IVF treatment can help you make your dreams come true. Moreover, you can make your IVF journey a breeze by considering the above tips.

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