What to See For When Purchasing a Plasma Cutter Machine?

What to See For When Purchasing a Plasma Cutter Machine?

Plasma cutter machines are one of the best tools used to cut through metal sheets. The tools will help you to cut metals like steel. Brass and aluminum. You can cut these metals with speed and precision as it burns over the metals with plasma. Plasma cutters will always help you to cut thick metals easily and fast. You will not have to take too much time.

There are many different plasma cutters in the market, and you may sometimes get confused about what type you want. This article will help you buy the best plasma cutting tool for your application. The following are the things that you should look for before buying a plasma cutter for your application.

The Duty Cycle

Before you buy a plasma cutter for your application, ensure its duty cycle since it is one of the essential factors. If you want to use your plasma cutter for an extended period, make sure to buy it depending on the maximum amperage output. If your plasma cutter has more amperage output, it will have more duty cycles.

If you use the plasma cutter continuously for an extended period, you will then have to purchase it depending on the thickness of the metal. Ensure always to check the maximum thickness that a specific plasma cutter can work with before buying it.

Input Power

Input power is another essential factor that you should consider before buying a plasma cutter. Most plasma cutters need high powers of electricity for them to work well. A plasma cutter is mainly made for a 110 volts outlet or 220 volts power outlet. All plasma cutters consist of amperage ratings. Always make sure to go for plasma cutters that meet the minimum amperage needs. Also, ensure about the other tools that are in the same circuit outlets. It is always essential to have different circuits for plasma cutters.

Cutting Speed

When buying a plasma cutter, make sure you consider the cutting speed and the thickness of the material. Also, make sure later to compare the quality of the cut and the speed.

The Start

Plasma cutters always use two types of starts. These starts are; contact and high-frequency start. If you are likely to use the plasma cutting tools near electrical appliances, the one with high speed may generate a lot of interference. It is also risky to use these tools in a high-frequency start.

A plasma cutter that has contact start technology does not generate any interference. The contact start also gives a clear pitot arc. This will enable the user to see the arch and also fix the torch well. You can choose the type of start depending on your requirements.

The Air Supply

Most hand-held plasma cutters tools use ordinary air to cut metals. You can also use bottled nitrogen gas instead of bottled usual air. Bottled nitrogen gas is always cheaper compared to air. Most people also believe that the gas generates minimal oxidation. And is as well drier than the compressed air for the cutting process.

Sometimes it is hard to carry bottled gas with a plasma cutter. Therefore, for easy portability, make sure to buy a plasma cutter that has an in-built air compressor. Doing this will enable you to save money and make the cutting tool easy to carry.


Some users take portability as an essential factor to consider before buying a plasma cutter. The size and weight of the cutting tool are always crucial if you need portable plasma cutters. If you do not require to move the tool all the time, portability will not matter. 

But if you will be required to move the plasma cutter frequently, then portability should be essential. Make sure you can move the machine without difficulties. You can find a plasma cutter that is designed to be more portable.

The Environment

The environment is another essential factor that you should keep in mind before you buy a plasma cutter. If you are working in a bad environment, your plasma cutter tool will be dirty, affecting how it operates. It may also affect its accuracy and durability.

If you are working in dusty environments, buy a plasma cutter with a built-in fan. These tools will give the best accuracy and reliability. If you are using a plasma cutter with a wind tunnel, the dust cannot settle down on the PC or other electrical components that may get damaged. Always use the new make of plasma cutters to prevent dust or dirt from damaging the device.

Final Thought

Plasma cutting is a necessary process, and you should always consider the above factors. There are also many other factors that you will have to look at. Also, ensure that you do more research on designs and top plasma cutters available in the market today. If you are a new user, look at the reviews from other users to learn more about the tools. Also, ensure that you buy the best plasma cutter for your application, no matter your budget.

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