What To Know Before Doing A Tarot Reading

doing a tarot reading

For many years, individuals have relied on tarot reading to make like more meaningful. A tarot reading can help you understand things that seem unclear but matter a lot to you. The tarot deck has a total of 78 cards, and you might not be sure how the whole thing works. Here is what you need to know before doing a tarot reading.

Many Ways To Handle Cards

When it comes to tarot card meanings and spreads, there are many things to take note of. Tarot cards can be shuffled and spread in many different ways. Before you start, your reader will hand you the deck of cards and ask you to shuffle them.

From there, you will pick some cards and place them on the table. The number of cards you pick and how you arrange them will vary based on the reader. However, a three-card spread is the most common, so it is what you need to expect.

Predictions Are Not Very Specific

Tarot readers will inform you beforehand that your future will not be 100% predicted. Instead, they will help predict some general trends that you can work with. For example, you are about to commence a new career, but they won’t tell you names, dates, times, etc.

Your reader will remind you that the future is never set in stone. Since life has lots of variables, accurate prediction is almost impossible. However, as a client, you have the power to change the course if you are not so happy with the prediction.

You Will Work With The Reader

The reader will never lecture you on the meaning of the cards. As a team, you will work together to find out what they might mean in your life. Seven of Wands, for instance, implies ambition and growth. But you will conclude together so that you are happy with the session.

To conclude the meaning of seven wands in your life, they will ask you a few questions. Be sure to provide accurate responses about your relationship status, and work-life. A parent might realize that the card shows them struggling with behavioral disorders.

Not All Cards Have Meanings

You should know that, in a tarot reading, certain cards have a bad reputation. The best-known card is death. If you happen to draw this card, you will be scared. However, in most cases, death doesn’t signify literal death.

It can even show some significant changes in your life, most of the time, for the better. You might draw this card if you are about to get a promotion or even a job transfer. The card might also show up if you are about to graduate from college or have a baby.

It Takes Time To Understand

Don’t worry if you leave the sessions without fully understanding what was going on. It is a normal feeling, especially if that was your very first session with a reader. It is imperative to note that tarot entirely relies on symbolism.

During the reading, you will have intense and emotional conversations with your reader. Due to that, you might encounter informational overload, but things will open up with time. Some people report that it took them a week to understand the information provided by the reader.

Your Reader is An Expert

Unless you didn’t do your homework when selecting a reader, you would be working with an expert. They have dealt with many clients before, and they know what their job entails. As such, don’t feel like they are doing a lot of guesswork.

Before giving you an accurate reply, they will weigh lots of options. You will be involved in this, and when asked any question, you should be as honest with your answers as possible. That way, you will help improve the accuracy of the session, and you will be happy with the outcome.

Closing Thoughts

Tarot reading has been there for many years. It can improve your life, especially when you had so many things disturbing your mind. The work of your tarot reader is to clear the air and make things less daunting for you. Remember, before attending the session, you are supposed to be open-minded. If you are told something, it is good to try and understand instead of being obnoxious.

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