Ways To Avoid Expensive A/C Repairs

Ways to Avoid Expensive A/C Repairs

The summer season puts air conditioning systems to the test. Is your cooling system up to the task? You need an A/C that can withstand the heat and provide the comfort you need.

Even the slightest problem can negatively affect your comfort and your expenditures. To help you out, we've gathered some helpful tips so you can avoid paying high prices and experiencing inconveniency with emergency air conditioning repairs.

Change Your Air Filters As Often As Needed

The most critical thing you will do to protect your AC system is to replace the air filter regularly. Filters that are kept clean help protect vital components from getting damaged.

Dirty cooling coils consume less heat, making the system work harder to keep you comfortable. When programs are overworked, they are more prone to malfunction when you need them the most. Additionally, keeping the air conditioner's filter clean will help you save up to 15% on energy costs.

Examine The Outdoor Unit

For trouble-free service, your outdoor A/C system needs sufficient airflow. Plants should be placed back to allow at least two feet of space across the systems. Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris should be removed from the field.

Any dirt that collects within the housing will put the system under unnecessary strain. Dirty condenser coils will raise compressor energy usage by up to 30%.

Condenser Or Heat Pump Cleaning

Outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps may get very polluted, making the system work harder to provide the cool and warm air that you need in your house.

Cleaning condensers and heat pumps reduce the risk of internal system destruction. It's vital to ensure that your external air-conditioning pumps and units are free of debris on the top and sides. The refrigerants are crucial in keeping your air conditioner function properly. With low levels of refrigerant, the condenser and compressor will be at a higher risk of failing.

Check To See If The Thermostat Is In Good Condition

Do you fail to check if the batteries in your thermostat are low? You should check to see whether the thermostat's batteries need to be replaced. Your thermostat might be sensing an incorrect temperature, causing your air conditioner to run inefficiently.

You need to ensure that the thermostat is adjusted to 78 degrees during the day. When you're away from home, raise it. This would ensure that the unit operates smoothly and does not work much more than necessary. Turning up your thermostat would even save you money on your summer heating bills.

Clean Your Drain Lines

In addition to ventilation, an air conditioner removes moisture from the air. This moisture then collects in the air conditioner's drain lines and is directed outside. Drain lines can get clogged with time as soil and dust accumulate, and they can also become a breeding ground for algae and mold.

It is, therefore, a wise decision to sweep the drain line regularly. Remove the exterior cover of the air conditioner and wipe the drain line with a clean piece of fabric. You may also clean it with a solution of water and vinegar to get rid of any mold that has grown.

Schedule A Tune-Up for Your A/C System

You wouldn't go on a lengthy road ride in a vehicle that hasn't been adequately serviced. The possibility of a failure will be high if you don't get maintenance service. Neglecting your air conditioning system will also be prone to encounter problems in the future. The expert tune-ups at Harris Air Services will help you prevent expensive repairs by keeping your system in top shape.

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