Top Hacks To Know Before Your Call The Plumber

Top Hacks to Know Before Your Call the Plumber

Are you tired of calling your plumber for every minor trouble and paying double of what it would generally cost? Here are some hacks that your plumber wishes you knew before you call them.

Garbage Disposal Hack

Disposing of the garbage properly will reduce your need for plumbing repairs and blockages. Coffee grinds, eggshells, bones, peels, pasta, greases, oils, fibrous food, and so on should never go down in the disposal.

Shut-Off Valve For Emergencies

Toilet has a busted pipe and caused overflow? The first step you should take is to turn off the water’s course. Shut-off valves are for emergencies, and if you know where it is you can save water wastage and the potential damages such as mold and the expensive cleanup.

Clear Cloggings

If you accidentally disposed of something which caused a clog, you can easily de-clog it yourself. You just have to turn off the circuit breaker and inspect where the clog is. Use a strong and long tool to clear it. Make a note that you should never use your hands to clear it.

If you can't see a clog, use a plunger. There are drain cleaners available or make one by yourself by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Wait for 30 minutes after pouring down the drain then wash off with hot water for about a minute.

Tips For Garbage Disposal

A simple do-it-yourself tip to keep your disposal blades sharp and avoid any stinking smell. Every two weeks, put ice cubes with lemon peels in the disposal and run the system for 30 seconds. Add dish soap and then run again with water. Now you have a clean and odorless disposal area l in a few minutes.

Stopping Toilet Clogs

Toilet clog? The first thought that comes in the head is always to use a plunger but if you don’t have one, it is okay. Disconnect the tank’s chain or turn off the emergency shut-off valve. Pour hot water, the hotter it will be the faster it will stop the clog. You can also add soap to the hot water and break down the clog.

How To Find Invisible Leakages

Finding an invisible leak isn’t that hard as it sounds, but is tricky. First off turn the taps off and when nobody is using the water turn the taps on to check the meter. These leakages do not occur without any purpose and prompt wastage of water.  If you notice the water is running, then hurry and call an expert. You for sure do not want huge bills by the end of the month. And if you want to check for a leak in the toilet, add food coloring and if it flows without the flush, it is a leak.

Fixing Shower Pressure

Showers with low pressure lead to more water usage and you will tend to spend more time under the water and therefore, heavy utility bills. Low pressure leads to longer showers, which leads to higher bills. With an easy peasy fix, you can bring your shower pressure back to normal. Simply, pour white vinegar into a plastic bag and tie it around the showerhead using a rubber band. Leave it overnight. Voila, a great shower in the morning, saving time, money, and water. 

Tightening The Pipe

A quick DIY for the loosened pipes that can cause small leakages is to turn off the water from the main source and unscrew the leaking pipes. Use masking tapes and threads on a single layer.  Now put the pipes back together and screw them.

Make sure you call a professional when you think things are messed up more than they look. Water damages are costly and cause mold to build on the walls. These molds can affect indoor air quality and cause respiratory diseases.  That is why plumbing needs proper checkups from time to time. And these quick fixes are useful for taking the first steps to solve plumbing issues.

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