Top Features Of Amazon That You Will Love In 2021

Top Features Of Amazon That You Will Love In 2021

The product and service range of Amazon revolves around a broad-spectrum, and you will get everything you want in life from here. Of course, it is only a shopping website, but some of its hidden gems are beautiful because they can make you connect with the Amazon people more intricately.

From Amazon Moments to Amazon FBA, from Amazon Mom to Amazon Smile, all the features trending this year make us fall more in love with this popular e-commerce site. These out-of-the-box ideas that Amazon introduced to us in recent years is worth the wait because you can only cherish these features after using them once.

What Are The Top 2021 Features Of Amazon?

Top 2021 Features Of Amazon

This company evolves each day and each year, and it does not cease to surprise us by rewarding some of its most loyal customers. Not only the early access to Amazon Prime and same-day shipping facility, but the company has introduced some unique features for us that take us to wonderland. The features are;

1: Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a fulfillment center where you can store your products, and Amazon networking people pick, pack and ship those products. It allows you to sell your goods to authentic people without any hurdle of your own, and even they provide the customer service related to those products.

You just need to set up your Amazon FBA account, create your product listing, prepare them for packing and ship them to the fulfillment centers. It helps you grow your business through this reliable website, and you can even set up the cornerstone of your entrepreneurship.

2: Amazon Moments

Amazon Moments increases your user engagement and your user actions that are valuable to your website, games, or set up your entrepreneurship’s cornerstone apps. It lets you offer tailored rewards to your customers, both physical and digital when they complete specific actions.

You just need to sign in to your Amazon account, and after registering the app, you will receive an API key. Then you will create your campaign, and you can start testing this new feature of Amazon.

3: Amazon Smile

This is a charitable initiative of Amazon. It lets you shop while Amazon donates only 0.5% of your eligible purchase price to a non-profit organization. You can pick the non-profit organization as per your choice. You only need to shop for the items that you like from the Amazon Smile webpage instead of the homepage of Amazon.

It does not cost much, but if everyone uses it, then it surely can bring a smile to the face of some needy people out there. It is mainly a helpful feature in 2021 because the pandemic lockdown has made many people jobless, and it is time that we do our share of help to make their lives a little easier.

4: Amazon Mom

This membership venture of Amazon uses the ‘subscribe and save a model.’ It allows you to save 20% of your spending on all kinds of stuff related to toddlers and newborns. The shipping charge in Amazon Mom is zero, and you get the products in no time in front of your door free of cost. The baby product store at Amazon Mom is exclusive and cost-effective to make the lives of new mothers a bit happier.

5: Kindle Owner Lending Library And Prime Reading

A ton of popular books are available at Prime Reading and Kindle Owner Lending Library. The collection is better at Prime Reading, but that is only accessible to Prime members. From comics to magazines, from novella to audiobooks, everything is available on these sites free of cost. However, you must return the book once you are done listening to it.

6: Prime Benefits Sharing

If you have a Prime account, then you can share it with everyone in your house. It is another helpful feature that we love in 2021, mainly because we are all stuck at home due to the lockdown. And, there is no better way to spend time than surfing through the beautiful movie and web series collection here with your family members.

You only have to link your account to the Amazon Household menu and benefits like video streaming, photo storage, and Kindle books are accessible to your spouse, parents, or kids. 

7: Amazon Day

This feature allows you to schedule your delivery date as per your comfort zone. In that way, you can avoid your package being stuck up at someone else’s place, and you can also prevent the absence of essentials when you are coming back home from a trip. Once you place your order, you just need to click on the ‘choose your Amazon Day’ option, and that lets you arrange the delivery date when you need it.

Final Thoughts

These features are undoubtedly beneficial for people and not just in 2021 but for many years coming ahead. Apart from these features, Amazon credits, Amazon warehouse, Refund for the late package, Digital Dash Buttons order, and many more ventures available on this website can also make your life super easy. 

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