Podcasting for Physical Therapists - Is It Necessary?

Podcasting for Physical Therapists

As a physical therapist, you would have worked hard offline to make your brand visible to everyone in your local community in the initial days. Online marketing introduces you to new strategies to get more patients in this over-competitive world. Physical therapy clinics are adapting themselves to the newest technologies which is a good thing to hear. 

You are having your own physical therapy website with a good number of visitors and followers on social media. In addition to these developments, it is important for you to start a podcast. Through podcasts, you can reach more people, educate them and build trust for your service. You can also introduce your industry pioneers to your followers.

What Is A Podcast And Why Is It Necessary?

Wikipedia defines a podcast as an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.

A podcast is an on-demand radio service that educates or entertains listeners. Almost all industry leaders host a podcast service these days. Podcasts differentiate from the radio with the following features: on-demand streaming, niche-specific content, pre-recording option, subscription service, and the users can play or download it at their convenient time.

Statista says, 51% of people above the age of 12 in the United States listen to podcasts.

78% of people in the US are familiar with the concept of Podcasting 

57% of people in the US have listened to a podcast, at least once

The above statistics say that podcasts are familiar to the people of the United States and as a physical therapist, this is the right time for you to start one with great confidence.

Now, we can see the importance of podcasts and why do a physical therapist like you need to start one.

In this 21st century, when someone suffers from any medical condition or needs any treatment, their immediate action is to type their condition on the Google search tab. And every physician out there is aware of this thing.

Relying on the internet for health-related information is not a bad thing, but one must be aware of the fact that the health information accessible to healthcare providers differ highly from the online information available to the general public.

If you want your patients to receive the right health-related information online, start a podcast and speak with them. It is important for a physical therapist to reach out to his/her potential patients with the help of these mediums. Educate them and clear their confusion through your podcast.

How To Start Your Own Podcast?

How can I start a podcast?

Should I need more equipment to host an episode?

I am not tech-savvy how could I start and maintain a podcast?

As a physical therapist, you could be loaded with the above thoughts and this article will guide you through starting and maintaining your own podcast.

1) Name Your Podcast

Choose a simple and catchy name for your podcast which will be easy to remember and pronounce. Don’t forget to include the primary keyword that describes your physical therapy service. This will help your patients to find you on the internet.

2) Finding The Right Equipment and Software

You don’t need to search for the equipment with the best reviews for a long hour. A computer and microphone of good quality are enough to record a podcast. Choose an external microphone and do not prefer the in-built microphone of your computer since it is not good enough to host a podcast episode.

Invest in the best audio recording and editing software as editing is necessary. Audacity, Adobe Audition, Descript, and GarageBand are some of the most popular audio softwares for beginners because of their user-friendly interface.

Choose one of the well-known podcast hosting providers like Buzzsprout, Podbean, Transistor, or Simplecast. 

Register with famous podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and TuneIn. Make your podcast live on these platforms to reach more patients.

3) Topics To Speak About

As an experienced physical therapist, you would have met several patients and treated different conditions. You can talk about these experiences to your patients.

Know the problems of your potential patients and speak about them. Prepare and speak the best content so that your speech interests and educates them. Host an episode that addresses the frequent questions of your patients.

Reach out to great physical therapists and invite them as a guest for one of your episodes.

4) Market Your Podcast

It is not that difficult to market your podcast and it is the same as doing search engine optimization for a blog or Youtube channel.

  • Include potential keywords like “physical therapy” in the title and description of every episode.
  • Write a description for the episodes as it helps the search engines to understand the topic of your episode.
  • Split up your episode into chapters to make it easy for your listeners.
  • Transcribe your podcast.
  • Write up a summary for each episode including the important points.
  • Share your podcast on your social media page.

Final Thoughts

Starting and managing your podcast is easy but sometimes your busy schedule might stop you from doing that. But don’t make it complicated as you can hire an audio editor from freelancing sites to do some tech works for your podcast. Podcasts will make your physical therapy practice visible to more patients and build your authority among your competitors.

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