Most Common Reasons Homeowners Call For Well Repair in Charlotte, NC

Well Repair in Charlotte, NC

Anything can happen with your well systems that’s why it is always a wise choice to save the best company that offers professional well repair in Charlotte, NC. Good thing if you are around the area, Well Doctor LLC is just a call away. Many residential property owners trust us for their well water system, and there are a lot of reasons for that. From our team of reliable well water experts to our state-of-the-art facilities and procedures, we are positive to deliver exceptional results in no time.

Here are the common reasons homeowners call us for their well repair service:

1.      No Water

If you turn the faucet on and no water comes out, it’s definitely an issue you need to solve. It probably means your well has gone dry, flipped circuit breaker, or lacked water supply, especially during the summers or extremely dry conditions. Try flipping the breaker first or lowering the pump and see if water comes out. If not, contact a well water company near you.

2.     Cloudy Water

Do you notice a milky look in your water? Is it cloudy or muddy? The most common reason for this is a sinking water table. This is a common sign that your pump fails due to wear and tear, weakening its ability to filter debris from the water supply, such as silt and sand.

3.      Foul-Tasting Water

Poor water quality is often characterized by foul-tasting water. The common reasons for this are corroded pipes, natural bacteria, or soil change. If you notice this issue, it’s time to call the experts and request a professional water quality test to ensure that your water is safe for consumption.

4.   Incorrect Installation

Many homeowners call us for a professional well water repair in Charlotte, NC, for an incorrectly installed well pump. Most of them chose DIY installation using online video tutorials. Unfortunately, well pump installation requires expertise and knowledge, and installing one is quite difficult. Good thing, the damages can be fixed, but no additional costs and waste of time could have happened if you let the service contractors do the job.

5.     Electrical Failure

Electrical problems are common, but they are easy to detect and solve. It is commonly caused by a short in the well pump system that can blow the circuit. Sometimes, lightning strikes also cause this issue. For lightning damages, replacement is our best recommendation, and to reduce the chances of the same scenario, installing grounding rods and lightning protection are the best solutions.

6.   Well Pump Due To Age

Nothing lasts forever, not even the biggest and most expensive well pumps installed in a home. Wear and tear due to age are among the common causes of many well system failures. If your system is more than ten years old, it’s probably time to call the pro for a system check.

When it comes to well repair in Charlotte, NC, nothing beats the professional service done by our experts at Well Doctor LLC. Call us today!

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