How to Style Your Long Layered Hair in 2021?

How to Style Your Long Layered Hair in 2021?

Are you bored with your long, straight hair? Don't lose hope yet! You can style long Layered hair in various ways as long as it is healthy, groomed, cut, and styled properly. You can flaunt your long straight locks like a supermodel in a variety of styles, from sleek to artsy. On its own, long, straight hair is a classic and timeless hairstyle. With a few minor changes here and there, you can be as trendy as ever.

So, in 2021, how will you style your long, straight hair? Please take a look through our gallery of long straight hairstyles, get inspired, and prepare to have people's jaws drop.

  • Layers

Long hair with layers

Layers are the go-to for all hair textures when adding volume and movement to your hair. Straight hair, especially if it is long, can appear limp and lifeless. Cutting your hair in different length layers creates the illusion of thicker, bouncier hair framing your face more flatteringly.

  • The 90s Hair

90s hair

The 90s hairstyle is making a comeback in 2021, and what better way to join the trend than with 90s butterfly clips? You can use butterfly clips to accessorize your straight hair in a variety of ways. Wearing your straight hair half-up, half-down is the most popular option for straight hair and butterfly combinations.

Tease the crown of the hair and add clips to the top. The teasing will give the clips a firm grip while creating the illusion of more volume.

  • Classy With Attitude

Sleek ponytail

A super-sleek, high ponytail best describes the urban ponytail hairstyle with brushed baby hair and a fierce appearance. Because this hairstyle is centered on an extra-long ponytail, you can add hair extensions for a more glamorous look that will turn heads.

  • Colored Braiding Hair

Brown braided ponytail

This braided hairstyle is a straight-haired version of goddess braids. Using a single hair color or a rainbow of colors will add dimension to your braids. Unlike traditional French or Dutch braids, straight hair braids follow a traditional cornrows direction because tight or raised braids on straight hair can cause hair breakage.

  • Eye-Catching Ponytail

Undercut ponytail

A bold and eye-catching hairstyle is an undercut ponytail. A high ponytail emphasizes the undercut and adds a playful touch. If you want to soften the bold hairstyle, use a scrunchie, or wear a clear hair-tie for a cool look.

  • Asymmetric Bob

Colored asymmetrical bob

A classic a hairstyle that looks good on round faces. Asymmetric bobs are super straight and sleek, and they can be colored to match your skin tone.

  • Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids
With no curl or wave patterns competing with braids, fishtail braids are ideal for long straight hair. Fishtail braids are a stylish look for the summer of 2021 that will look great even when worn under a hat.

  • Long Blunt Hair

Long blunt hair

If you prefer not to wear your hair in layers, a blunt cut will look just as good. This modern hairstyle has an editorial feel to it, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. Split ends, uneven growth and flyaways can all be avoided by trimming your hair regularly.

  • Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs

One of the most flattering and timeless haircuts is long layered hair with bangs. Layered pieces, some short and others very long, help you add movement to your straight locks and create a beautiful face-framing hairstyle. The bangs help to balance your proportions while also drawing attention to your eyes.

  • Pigtails With Colored Hairclips

Pigtail hairstyle

With some colorful hair clips on your side pigtails can transform the playful hairstyle into a sassy attitude and youthful hairstyle. Accessorize your pigtails with colorful hair clips and crunchies. Hair accessories allow you to personalize your look and add your spin to the popular 90s hairstyle.

  • Platinum Locks

Platinum locks

Platinum-colored hair is as fashionable as it gets in 2021. The ice-queen look is ideal for a full hair makeover. Hair experts recommend wearing wigs or extensions if your hair is on the darker side of the spectrum to avoid split ends and hair damage.

  • Cool Twisted Hairstyle

Straight ponytail with braids

Straight ponytail braids are a match made in hair heaven. Whether you want a high, medium, or low ponytail, there is a style for every moment. For special occasions, take this fashionable hairstyle to the next level with hair accessories such as hairpins or dazzled hairpins.

  • Space Buns

Space buns

Space buns couldn't be easier to make. To achieve this cool and cute look, section your hair down the middle and create two pigtails. Then she twists each one around herself to make buns. For a fun twist, combine your space buns with braids. Allow some strands to fall freely in front to frame your face.

  • Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytail

A bubble ponytail is a hairstyle that uses hair ties to create an eye-catching and dramatic look. Sweep your hair into a sleek high ponytail and secure it with small hair ties spaced evenly down the length of your long hair. Then, to create the bubble effect, gently pull each section sideways.

  • Top Bun With Fringe

Top bun with fringe

A top bun with fringe is a cute daytime hairstyle that can be transformed into a glamorous evening look with hoops and other accessories.

  • Braided Parting And Headband

Braided hairstyle

The braids are a unique hairstyle that features elegant details. The braids serve as a fashionable hair accessory while keeping your hair out of your face. 

  • Side-Parted Burgundy 

Wavy burgundy hair for more volume

With loosely curled ends, your long hair will look more luscious than ever. Blow-dry the top two-thirds of your hair and add volume with a round brush at the bottom. The burgundy hair color elevates the otherwise lovely hair.

  • Long Layered Ombre

Long layered ombre hair

Long, straight hair is an ideal canvas for a gradual transition from brunette to blonde. Layers and a side part are elegant and draw attention to your face.

  • Subtle Highlights

Balayage highlights

Balayage highlights are ideal if you want to change your hair color gradually. To create an illuminated effect, apply a brighter color to the underside of your hair. Choppy ends make your hair look healthier.

  • Feathered Dark Brown Cut

A wavy eathered haircut

A shag haircut breathes new life into long, straight hair. Many celebrities prefer to part their hair in the center and add layers for a light floating movement similar to soft feathers. The espresso shade effortlessly completes the look.

Long hair requires special attention because it can appear limp and lifeless if not properly styled. Use hair masks and heat protectants regularly, along with regular trims. Long locks are a great foundation for stylish looks that are just waiting to be unleashed.

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