How to Spice Up Your Living Room

How to Spice Up Your Living Room

If when you walk into your living room and your first thought when seeing it is "blah!", it just may be time to make a change there. Spicing things up in the living room may take a little creativity and imagination, as there are several different ways you can go to liven up this important area of the downstairs living space. You may consider doing the following to make this living room transformation:

Incorporate Premium Area Rugs Into the Decor

Premium area rugs can add a lot of color and style to the living room. Popular area rug sizes include 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, and 10x13. Runner rugs are also popular additions to the room. Tasteful premium area rugs can be found in:

        Oriental area rugs

        Modern area rugs

        Abstract area rugs

        Geometric area rugs

100% polypropylene living room area rugs do not retain stains or hide dirt. They are easily cleaned by spot-cleaning for a few minutes and withstand pressure in high traffic areas.

Change Up The Living Room Decor

Perhaps a fresh, new change in decor in the living room can translate to like changes in other rooms in the home. Decor by style changes that are popular includes Rustic decor, Traditional decor, Farmhouse decor, and Coastal decor.

        Rustic: design that's casual, natural, rough, and aged

        Traditional: wide range of decorating styles, from neoclassical to French country

        Farmhouse: the blending of modern and rustic decors

        Coastal: a beach-inspired decor relying on natural light and textures

Install A Norlati Floating Entertainment Center

Switch your old TV stand or obsolete entertainment center with this Norlati beauty. This entertainment center, which can accommodate TVs up to 70 inches have a backdrop with natural flair. High-quality MDF of neutral colors will match any decor, which is considerable when it comes to determining what decor you may want to change to (or already have changed too). Customers have a choice of brown panel, reclaimed wood, white or sand slate. Placed either in a corner or the middle of the room, this is a classy addition that will go with any look or feel in the room.

Change Out Your Pillows

This may seem a rather minor or inconsequential move on your part, but it really can make a big difference in the room. New pillows in the living room can add a good deal of color, flair, and texture to a room. And if a new or seasonal change of things comes around, pillow covers befitting the change or occasion are easy to come by and are an inexpensive way to change the look of things.

Create A Gallery Wall

It seems we all have photos on our phones, tablets, laptops, etc. of things we'd love to display and see more often, but just haven't taken that "next step". Do this here by having the photos professionally matted and framed, then figure out the best way to display them on a wall specifically dedicated to your own "photo gallery". It's a terrific way to show off your photography skills, show off who or what is in the picture, and also exhibit your flair in displaying these pieces in your "new" living room.

Make Good Use of Shelving

If you have shelves already built into the living room, make good use of them by refreshing the shelves (sanding, staining, painting, etc.) and make a proud display of books, plants, souvenirs, family heirlooms, and so on. Be sure not to clutter shelves, or have one shelf that just collects odd "junk", as this out-of-place shelf will throw off the look you've worked so hard to create in the other shelves. Floating shelves are nice in that they can be installed or moved to fit the theme or style of that wall or the room in general.

Add an Accent Element

Do something a little subtle yet noticeable in the living room to catch the eye of the viewer. Something that's just a bit different, like painting one wall a totally different color (or wallpapering it), putting in neon light in an otherwise sedentary-like setting or perhaps installing a wood plank or a coffered ceiling. Dare to be just a bit different, and have some fun with it. 

Doing any one of these makeovers or a combination of two or more can add a lot of life and flair to the living room, making it a showplace in the house that you'll be happy to show visitors the moment you put the finishing touches on it.

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