Find The Best Real Estate Agent For Buying Or Selling

Find The Best Real Estate Agent For Buying Or Selling

According to a survey more than 36% of the homeowners chose to hire a real estate agent to sell their house more quickly. 33% of the respondents opted to hire an agent as it was easier than selling on their own and 28% did so as they did not have the energy to sell on their own. 

All these statistics sum up the top reasons why people prefer hiring an agent when it comes to closing a real estate deal. An experienced real estate professional can make the overwhelming process of buying or selling a home tolerable. But if you are looking for that edge in your deal, you must find the best real estate service in your area. It takes a good amount of research and lengthy interviews to find the best one out there but worth the effort.

Here are some of the tried and tested tips to find the best real estate agent.

Check Online Directories And Reviews

The first step is to check the local and national online directories for well-known real estate agents. You can either chose to work with a real estate firm or pick an individual agent, it all depends on your preferences. Expect to pay more to a firm but you will get in touch with a wide network of real estate agents. 

At times, working with an individual real estate agent with extensive local market knowledge is far more beneficial. List down the names and gear up to dig deeper.

Ask Around For Trustworthy Referrals

Take a step ahead of the online search and get in touch with some people who have recently bought or sold their properties. Meet with the local pros. Attend open houses to get some trustworthy referrals. List down the names and verify the reputation of each of your shortlisted agents. Word of mouth is still the most reliable way to reach the best agents.

Look Into The Recent Sales

Once you have shortlisted a few names, the first thing you need to do is take a look into recently closed deals. How much did the closing take? Is the agent better at buying or selling a house? You need a person who has your best interests. Although the numbers can be misleading at times it’s better to work with someone who has dealt with more similar properties in the recent past.

Check The Market Knowledge And Experience

A reliable agent will help you set realistic expectations and provide you as much information about the local market as possible. They know what sells and why. They should be able to explain to you the availability of listed homes and the possible competition you will face. Experience and familiarity with the market trends will help you set realistic asking prices and that goes a long way in making a good deal.

Market Knowledge And Experience

Conduct Interviews And Compare

The best agents keep their ducks in a row. Meet at least three real estate agents on the list and conduct interviews. You can also arrange virtual meetings to limit the physical contact but it is essential to know how the agents answer your questions. Have they helped people with requirements similar to you? Are you comfortable discussing your requirements with them? 

Go With Your Gut

At certain times, despite all the ground facts, your instinct tells you not to work with a particular individual. By all means, go with your gut. You are going to work with them for several weeks, if not months, so chemistry matters.

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