Diamond Drilling Health and Safety Guidelines

Diamond Drilling Health and Safety Guidelines

Diamond drilling is known as an effective and powerful technique that is used to cut exceptionally strong materials. Therefore, it is very significant to follow some strict health and safety standards during this process. By following some diamond drilling safety guidelines, you can avoid workplace injuries.  In simple words, with the best and preventive safety management at the workplace, you can avoid physical injuries during diamond drilling projects.

Without wasting time, let’s find out what health and safety guidelines you need to follow to ensure complete safety during the diamond drilling in London. This article is covering some health and safety guidelines and these points are important during the diamond drilling process.

Things You Need To Keep in Mind Before Starting Diamond Drilling Operation

  • First of all, make sure your diamond drilling machine is not plugged in and off
  • Make sure the vacuum seal is not damaged. It can be damaged after too much use.  So it is very important to replace and fix the damaged seal.
  • Ensure that your power supply is not damaged. Get it replaced if required.
  • Inspect your diamond drilling machine properly before using it. If your diamond drilling machine has any sort of issue, damage, or missing part, don’t use the damaged machine until you get the problem fixed.  An unsafe machine can make your workplace and operation unsafe.
  • Proper lubrication is very important. So lubricate your drilling equipment for efficient and safe diamond drilling operations.
  • Clean the drill for a good grip.  It allows you to complete your work with perfection.
  • Choose suitable and right-sized drill bits for the drilling project. With the right drill bits, you can ensure an accurate and best finish.
  • Ensure the drill body and controls are clean. The presence of grease, debris, and dirt on equipment can decrease the ease of use. It can also lead to an accident.
  • Check the cutting blades before using a diamond drilling machine.  Blunt blades can lead to slippages, poor quality work, and major accidents. Use sharp and high-quality blades for drilling operation.
  • Always use the suitable and correct attachment.  Don’t add any other parts that are not built for diamond. Wrong attachments and parts can damage your diamond drill machine
  • If your drilling machine is not working, fix or replace it before using it. It is risky to use a machine that is not working.  

Things You Need To Keep in Mind During A Diamond Drilling Operation

  • Always wear tight and protective clothing during the operation. Loose clothing can lead to an accident.
  • Always wear protective gloves to keep a tight grip on the machine.  Gloves will also protect your hands and fingers during the operation.  Leather gloves are a perfect option for this operation.
  • Make sure that your diamond drilling machine is stable by anchoring it appropriately before use.
  • Lubricate drill with water during the drilling process. It allows you to trap dust and reduce the heat
  • Stand firmly in appropriate space during the drilling process. It allows you to avoid major injuries.
  • Don’t use mobile phone and devices while using a diamond drilling machine
  • Take appropriate safety precautions while drilling holes in the floor or ceiling.
  • Keep your hands away from the diamond drill bits.  Your fingers can be badly damaged or lost with drill bits.
  • Always maintain your machine at a standard feed rate and speed.  It will assist you to protect yourself from injury and avoid burning out the motor
  • Train yourself for diamond drilling London

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