Android App Development: Why More Businesses Are Inclined Towards Developing Android Apps?

android app development

In today’s time, the mobile app industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. There are around 3.5 billion smartphone users around the globe. A large number of people prefer using apps to accomplish various day-to-day tasks. Smartphone users spend more than 85% of their time on apps. This is the key reason behind rapidly flourishing mobile app development services. So, if you plan to develop a mobile application, doing it in the right way can surely bring profitable results. To be successful in the app development field, it is necessary to choose the right operating system based on the target audience.

Android is the most popular and widely used operating system worldwide, with more than 2.4 billion active users when talking about the top-notch operating systems. Initially created by Andy Rubin, Android is the foremost choice of many mobile app developers. With the popularity of Android, the Google Play store has grown at an incredible pace in the past few years. It has reached approx $38.6 billion in 2020, and there were around 3 million apps available on the Google Play store, which were downloaded nearly 108 billion times.

It would be correct to say that the Android OS has become a dominant platform in most countries, especially in countries like India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, and Iran, where it has more than 85% of the market share.

Things to Consider Before Developing an Application

Since the Android device market is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, several businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity. Today, several mobile app development sectors are developing different types of Android apps to launch them in the market. To ensure the success of a mobile application and to get a good response from the target audiences, few essential things need to be considered, have a look:

l  Define Your Target Audience: To develop a successful mobile app, you must be clear about who your target audiences are. Before focusing on developing an app, it is essential to define your target audience, which means the group of people attracted to your app development idea and who will use your application. Based on the type of audience, businesses can plan the design and implement the functionalities to make the app as attractive and valuable as possible.

l  Connect Your App With Social Media: Over the last few years, the use of social media has grown to a great extent. Today, many people throughout the world use different social media channels to connect with a business. Even several businesses have also realized the importance of being present on social media channels to extend their reach to their target customers. Therefore, it would be a profitable idea to connect it with social media when developing an app. When developed with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, more people will know about the app, which further leads to more downloads.

l  Make Your App Unique from Others: There is fierce competition in the app development market. It will be of no use to develop an app of similar nature as your competitor’s app. So, before starting the app development process, it is essential to determine how your app will be the right solution for your target audience’s needs and requirements. Think about how you can make your app more unique and attractive than other similar kinds of apps available in the market.

l  Easy-to-use Interface: The overall design of an application plays an essential role in its success. Ensure it has an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface so that more and more users will be inclined to download it. Also, focus on the quality of your content. Avoid keeping any unnecessary elements of your application that can distract the users.

l  Security: Another most important thing to consider while developing an app is security. Smartphone users tend to keep a lot of personal information on their devices. Therefore, they are more concerned about their data security while using any application on their device. Therefore, ensure the utmost security of the user’s data when they use your application.

So, these are a few of the important things that one must keep in mind before starting the app development process. All these points can help in making an app a success in the market.

Why Hire Android Developers for Android App Development Projects?

The idea to hire Android Developers can help businesses to turn their app development idea into profitable Android applications. Before hiring the developers, it is vital to determine your project requirements. Then, based on the requirement, check whether the developers have all the required skills to develop an app. Below mentioned are some of the key skills of Android developers, have a look:

l  Ability To Develop Interactive Android App Optimization: The developers must know how to build interactive apps.

l  Proficiency in Custom App Development: Based on the specific requirements of the businesses, Android developers must be able to develop the best possible customized solutions.

l  Expertise in Android SDK (Software Development Kit): SDK is a set of tools that are required to develop apps on Android. Developers must have a clear understanding of layouts, views, activities, user inputs, etc. Also, they should be able to troubleshoot bugs in the code.

l  Knowledgeable in Migration And Porting Android Apps: The developers must be skilled to present the same app on various devices and multiple platforms.

l Deep Knowledge of API Integration: Android developers must possess deep knowledge of API integration. They must be skilled enough to deal with third-party code written by other software engineers. Also, they must have a better understanding of XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs.

l  Proficient in Using Eclipse and Android Studio: The developers should be experts in using both the eclipse and Android studio for developing Android apps.


Looking at the sustainable market growth and the growing demand for Android applications, it would be correct to say that investing in Android development services is a profitable decision. With the help of highly-skilled, professional developers, businesses can easily achieve their target of creating outstanding Android apps that can attract many target customers and bring in more business.

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