7 Youtube Strategy For Boosting Your Search Ranking

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As a marketer attempting to get your videos to rank higher on YouTube, this is crucial to understand. YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) is not as simple as Google Search SEO. The best practices of the YouTube Ecosystem are different to a great extent.

Certainly, there are several similarities. Without mentioning the significance of the keywords, you cannot discuss SEO. However, while backlinks from an integral but to Google Search SEO, engagement signals play a vital role for YouTube.

These engagement signals include the number of subscribers, dislikes, likes, number of views, and shares.

So you will find out in this article:

  • The fundamentals of YouTube SEO
  • Seven valuable tips and tricks for improving the SEO rankings of YouTube Videos.

What Are The Basics Of Youtube SEO?

Basics Of Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO is the knowledge-intensive methodology of boosting your YouTube channel and videos to higher ranks in the organic search results. This covers mainly, optimization of video thumbnails, meta descriptions, links, tags, transcript, CTAs, and many others.

YouTube provides a bunch of options with near about 2 billion monthly users. If the tactics are diligently followed, YouTube SEO can help you raise rankings and heighten your brand identity. Additionally, the number of traffic and views will augment at a faster rate.

Seven Strategies To Boost Your Youtube Search Ranking

Boost Your Youtube Search Ranking

We have gathered the strategies below by following the tricks of several leading YouTube marketers and SEO experts. Let’s have a look at each of these.

1. Begin With A Keyword Research

Keyword research helps optimize YouTube content and keeps the content in line with the trending topics. In this regard, prior preparation is the key. You should not rush with your keyword research.

You would be astonished to know that adding some keywords in your video could increase the search volume up to ten times. You can research the keywords by looking at the ones that your competitors are using. Tools like SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and YTCockpit are necessary for YouTube keyword research.

2. Know Your Audience

It is the second important part of optimizing YouTube search ranking. By understanding the interests of the potential audiences, you can quickly achieve your goal. Moreover, you can use keywords of those languages which most of your audience use to rank higher.

As said by Nick Farmen of Spire Digital, you require understanding more than the mere language used by your viewers. Unlike Google search, people tend to use simple keywords on YouTube. For instance, people search ‘best strategies’ on Google search although, on YouTube, they search for ‘popular tips.’

3. Mention The Keywords In Your Video

Once you are aware of the keywords you want to target, you now have to place them in the critical places of your video. Make sure that you include keywords in the title of your video. Try to be natural in this respect; do not put any keyword forcefully just because you have to

Shayne Sherman of TechLoris advises putting some keywords in the first 25 words of the video description as organically as you can. However, it is recommended not to overuse the keywords to avoid keyword stuffing.

4. Create A Catchy Thumbnail

Another effective way to increase your rankings and viewers is to incorporate an attractive thumbnail. Use some high-definition images depicting the video topic. Also, use colors! But make sure that the colors are eye-soothing yet capture attention.

Many YouTubers suggest that if your thumbnail depicts an actual person, your overall ranking will increase significantly.

5. Use Hashtags Properly

Undoubtedly, you can use your keyword tags and remember that “less is more.”  The inclusion of a handful of irrelevant tags can harm your SEO rank because YouTube will not detect the theme of your video. Using long-tail keywords as tags will give you outstanding results.

6. Create Medium To Log Videos

As per the opinions of some YouTube marketers, video length is the most vital thing to be considered. This is because YouTube supersedes videos that are longer. The key objective of YouTube is to keep the viewers as engaged as possible. Thus longer videos get a higher rank in the search results.

7. Include Captions

Last but not least, add captions or transcriptions to your video. It has become easier since YouTube is providing automatically generated captions for your videos. You will save a lot of time in this way. Isn’t it amazing?

Nonetheless, YouTube experts often recommend customer-closed captions instead of relying on auto-generated closed captions. 


To conclude, YouTube search ranking is oriented to quality. Obviously, no SEO would get your videos ranked if the content quality is not up to the mark. Budding YouTubers should watch some best videos of the top tanking veterans.

YouTubers to refine their quality. Most essentially, be original and creative while creating the content if you want to connect for the long term.

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