5 Types Of Neurological Disorders You Should Know

5 Types Of Neurological Disorders You Should Know

The brain is an indispensable organ of the body. It forms the central nervous system with the spinal cord. They both together manage & maintain the psychological processes as well as our emotions. The brain processes sensory information, regulates BP, helps in releasing hormones, managing breathing, and much more. This organ works just like a computer; it receives signals, processes them, and sends feedback back to the body's various organs. Any dysfunction in the brain or spinal cord can cause neurological disorders. It is vital to realize the early symptoms of brain & nervous system disease and visit the best neurosurgery hospital in Mohali and other parts of the state as these health conditions require high level-clinical care.

Neurological disorders may occur due to lifestyle-related issues, infections, genetics issues, environmental influences, nutritional deficiency & physical injuries. All these can affect the neuron pathway and lead to many health problems. According to recent research, around 30 million people in India are experiencing nervous system related problems, and out of which 7-8 million people have Epilepsy, 10 million people are victims of headaches, and around 2million patients have had a stroke in their lifetime. This piece of the article will tell you about the top neurological disorders which are very common nowadays. But, before proceeding further, let us dive into the early symptoms of neurological problems.

        Extreme weakness in muscles

        Significant cognitive impairment

        Loss Of Sensation

        Regular body aches & pains

        Problems in reading & writing

        Reduction in alertness

Here are five common types of neurological issues

        Severe Headaches

If you have repeated headaches, it means that there is something wrong with your nervous system. In such a condition, you should visit the best neurosurgery hospital without wasting time. There are myriad types of headaches that arise due to dysfunction of the brain or spinal cord, such as cluster headaches, tension headaches & migraines. These are the early symptoms of the following health conditions

        Infection like meningitis

        Brain Tumor

        High Blood Pressure

        Parkinson's Disease

It has been estimated that 7 million elders adults in India suffer from Parkison's disease. It is a neurological health problem that hurts the movement. The victim of these diseases feels difficulty in moving and balancing the body. If the treatment of Parkison's is not done on time, the health condition can worsen, and victims will not be able to even walk & talk.


Dementia is a mental disorder that affects the memory and problem-solving skills of an individual. The person who suffers from this disease feels difficulty in performing today's tasks. There are various types of Dementia, but Alzheimer's disorder is the most common. Alzheimer's can also lead to brain failures. Generally, this disease affects older adults; however, it doesn't mean that it's normal.


You will be surprised to know that about 2 million people in our country suffer from stroke every year. It happens when our brain's vessels rupture & bleed. This eventually interrupts or reduces the blood supply to the brain. Blood transports the essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain & other parts of the nervous system. Hence, with the blockage of blood supply, nerve cells do not receive optimal amounts of oxygen and stop working. And this medical condition is known as stroke. It's not easy to anticipate strokes. However, you feel dizzy, experience headaches and blurry vision just before a stroke.


It is another common nervous system disorder that affects individuals of all ages.

Seizures disturb the connection between the nerve cells or neurons. It can occur due to high blood pressure, low blood sugar, or withdrawal of abusive substances like alcohol. Seizures can be mild to severe, depending on the health condition of the person. It causes anxiety, fear, and cognitive impairment and affects the consciousness and awareness of the victim. It is important to note that this disorder is also known as Epilepsy.

The Bottom Line -:

This was all about the major types of neurological problems. In case you or your loved one has the above-discussed symptoms, it would be better to find the best neurosurgery hospital in your area and consult the neurologist without any delay.

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