5 Great Nerdy Gifts to Get Your Anime-Loving Friends

5 Great Nerdy Gifts to Get Your Anime-Loving Friends

If you have anime-fans friends, you can attest that they are a unique group of people since their interests surpass anime and extend into Japanese culture, J-pop, and cosplay. They are eccentric, stylish, and cool in their way, and that’s why they are lovable.

However, shopping for anime enthusiasts can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are not into anime yourself. Also, there are various types of anime out there, making it challenging to pin down what to buy in particular. If you want to get nerdy gifts for your anime-loving friends before they hit the next anime convention, below is a list of the best gifts for anime fans.

Books on Anime

People who are major fans of anime are often likely to enjoy learning as many facts about the making and history as possible. This is typically done through forums and online articles, but if they can spend hours a day pouring over the latest manga, they’ll likely enjoy a book of facts and history just as much. In fan culture, background knowledge of any major series is like a status symbol, and arming them with more knowledge can earn them just as much respect in their fan circles as driving a new Ferrari or a Rolex watch. If they’re just looking to enjoy their series without major research, however, they’ll still appreciate a copy of the manga, aka the comic, that their favorite series is based on.

Japanese Snack Box

Although most anime fans have different and unique interests, you can always come up with something interesting that most anime fans will love. A Japanese bento box offers a unique experience of Japan as it comes loaded with candy, kawaii aesthetic, noodles, collectible Gachupin toys or stationery, and more. No anime fan can help but be thrilled by the sight of weird Japanese snacks, often the same type of thing that they see their favorite characters eating on their favorite shows. This is the type of gift that keeps on giving as bento boxes can be used over and over to give them that lift of nostalgia every day they take their box out for lunch.

Anime Hoodies and Shirts

When buying gifts for anime fans in your life, make sure you choose something that will help them enjoy the Japanese culture. There are different types of anime hoodies for anime enthusiasts who are candidly obsessed with this style. Some of these hoodies include, It’s An Anime Thing, My Hero Academia Hoodie, All I Care About is Anime Shirt, I Just Want to Watch Anime Shirt, and others. Hoodies are a perfect gift for anyone who loves anime and is available at Ukiyo Kumo and other online stores. If you don’t know what style your friend would like, aim for getting something from their favorite show, or something with a variety of anime displayed.

The Art of Spirited Away

No anime fan doesn’t appreciate Studio Ghibli, which has become an animation icon for those in America as well as Japan. The studio has produced notable anime films such as Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and others. All these films have outstanding artwork, but Spirited Away surpasses them all. The iconic work of Spirited Away attracts readers to the film’s incredible artwork. You can get your friend posters, art books, binders, or anything that displays some of the art from Spirited Away. As all Studio Ghibli films have the same animation style, you can also hit a home run with your friend by getting them artwork that combines characters or themes from multiple movies as a homage to the studio and the master director behind it, Hayao Miyazaki.

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto

This series is another pair of cult classic shows that represent the martial arts side of anime that fans love. Headbands, wristbands, and martial arts costumes from the shows are the usual favorites that fans of these series collect, and make great cosplay items for conventions. If your friend is a major fan but prefers to be more subtle in showing their support for these shows, necklaces, and bracelets with main character logos and icons can also be a great gift that allows them to incorporate their passion into their everyday wardrobe.

Anime fans, whether open or closeted, are often some of the more passionate fan groups in the world. They love the artwork, the memorabilia, and the rich Japanese culture that they can access through their favorite series and materials. When shopping to get them something to complement their love of anime, keep in mind the type of anime they like, the shows, and what aspects they most enjoy incorporating into their everyday life.

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