10 Ways To Using Plastic Storage Boxes In Ingenious Ways

10 Ways To Using Plastic Storage Boxes In Ingenious Ways

Many people use plastic storage bins to store stuff in their homes or in storage units. Did you realize, though, that you may use them for a variety of different projects? Although anyone can throw some storage boxes on a shelf and call it a day, there are additional storage choices.

Plastic storage bins are a simple solution for taking advantage of space on your walls. A storage container can hold a lot more than you think, including Lagos, painting supplies, and even your kids' shoes.

Below, we are going to highlight the uses of storage boxes so that you can get an overall idea of the storage units exactly work-


1. House Of Hamsters

In a three-story plastic storage bin building, your hamster can live a high life. For any fluffy gerbil, this seems like a dream come true. They are free to eat, nap, play, sleep, and exercise on any floor.

2. Storage Beneath The Bed

Make under-the-bed storage boxes with just a plastic storage bin and some caster wheels to make use of the extra room beneath your bed. Using a drill and some screws, secure the wheels to each corner of the bin.

3. Vanity Made From Scratch

Make a vanity for your young daughter out of two plastic bin drawers, plywood, and a mirror, as well as a few other supplies. This lovely piece of furniture would look fantastic in a girl's room.


4. Seating That Doesn't Need To Be Sewn

Turn those unattractive giant plastic storage boxes into additional chairs if you live in a limited space. Two large storage bins with lids, a long piece of plywood, some foam batting, and the fabric you wish to use to cover the seating is all you need.

5. Shoe Storage With A Personal Touch

If you have many children, customized shoe storage boxes area easy-to-use shoe storage solution. Take a set of drawer bins and place the child's image in the drawer with their shoes. Place everything in a closet. This works well with a variety of other stuff as well.

6. Storage For Gift Wrapping

Use drawer bins to store your gift-wrapping supplies if you don't have enough space. Write or stick stickers on each drawer to indicate what it holds. This makes it easier to keep your wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, and other materials organized.

7. Bins For Overhead Storage

Overhead bin brackets are another storage boxes option for an overhead location in your garage or other section of your home. Slide your storage bins into place once they're in a position to get them out of the way of foot traffic.

8. Bin Of Worms

You can raise your own worms using two plastic storage bins, one taller than the other, if you want to garden or fish. The goal is to provide a safe haven for the worms while also enabling easy access to them.

9. Water Fountain In The Backyard

This is a remarkable transformation of a plastic bin into a Zen-inspired water fountain. This is a fantastic DIY backyard project for anyone who enjoys gardening. It's inexpensive, attractive, and comes with easy-to-follow directions.

10. Dress Them Up In Fabric

Cover storage boxes in cloth to make them appear friendlier. Choose a fabric with a design that complements your decor if you plan to use them in your house.


Consider plastic storage boxes the next time you need a storage solution for your belongings. Plastic storage bins come in several sizes and can be used for various projects around the house, including raising worms, growing plants, and many more.

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