Top 10 Uses Of The Versatile Ready Mix Concrete

Top 10 Uses Of The Versatile Ready Mix Concrete

We are all well aware that ready mix concrete is one of the most frequently used construction materials globally. This concrete mix provides the durability of regular concrete and the efficiency of offsite mixing, which makes it incredibly popular with construction professionals and civil engineers.

Apart from durability and strength, and efficiency, one of the attributes that make Ready-Mix-Concrete a preferred construction material is its ‘Versatility’ that makes it suitable for various applications. Here is a list of the major construction projects where concrete is used.

Popular Uses Of Concrete In The Construction Industry

1.    Residential Buildings

The durability of concrete makes it the ideal choice for constructing small residential buildings, bungalows, and villas. Concrete provides a solid and sturdy foundation to the residential structures and ensures a safe stay for the occupants. Its durability, delivery capability and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice for all sizes of projects. In addition, a solid concrete basement can protect the buildings from natural calamities such as storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

2.   Commercial Buildings

As far as commercial constructions are concerned, ready mix concrete proves to be a common choice compared to other construction materials such as steel. It is more economical and easier to lay as well as maintain for an extended period of time. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional materials.

3.  Dam Construction

A dam is a structure used to store water, produce electricity, or control water flow in times of flood. It is believed that the heavier the barrier, the easier it is to resist the water flow. Hence, it requires to be constructed with a material that is high in strength and unit weight. To handle the load and pressure imposed on the dam and provide long term durability, concrete mix is a suitable material.

4.  Driveways and Patios

The likelihood of driving through any neighbourhood and not finding a house or two with a concrete driveway or patio is significantly less. Driveways are prone to frequent wear and tear due to vehicles, and the robustness and durable properties of concrete make it a perfect choice for driveways. Concrete driveways and patios increase the value of your property, and when coloured or stamped, these structures give a finishing touch to your outdoors.

5. Marine Construction

Due to its cost-effectiveness and durability of concrete, the performance record of Concrete in Marine structure has been entirely satisfactory. Concrete is used extensively in marine engineering to build systems exposed to the force of water and harsh weather conditions. Marine structures such as seawalls, bridges, breakwaters, jetties etc., are constructed using concrete.

6. Sidewalks

Sidewalks or footwalks are designed to provide a secure network between neighbourhoods. The residents utilize them for a myriad of purposes such as exercising, walking their pets, jogging etc. Cities choose concrete for building sidewalks due to its cost-saving nature and easy maintenance. These sidewalks are expected to last a long time, and concrete is stronger than any other material to sustain them.

7. Fences

Concrete fences are a relatively new concept but are certainly more safe and attractive than traditional wire or timber fencing. These concrete fences complement your outdoors and make it more appealing, and provide you with protection against rough weather conditions. Moreover, with the invention of precast concrete, it is now easier and even faster to fence the elements using concrete.

8. Floor Screeds

Screed is a specially designed concrete mix formed with finer aggregates and then the standard concrete ready mix concrete. These light weighted mixes are not an alternative for concrete. Instead, it is a complementing element. They are used above the concrete surfaces to make them look more sleek and attractive. They are not as strong as the concrete floors but can provide a smooth finish at lower material and labour costs.

9. Sewers and Culverts

Sewers and other underground structures such as culverts, foundations and abutments etc., are constantly exposed to intense pressure. These structures usually serve as a base for other facilities. Therefore it is of utmost importance that they can withstand the pressure and support the dependent constructions. Its strength and durability make concrete an ideal material for the construction of such structures.

10 . Concrete Parkings

The primary reason for choosing concrete as a construction material for your residential/commercial parking is that it looks much better than the other parking structures such as asphalt. Moreover, the installation and maintenance costs are less for the concrete parking compared to other materials.

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