Conservative Treatment Approach For Fibromyalgia

Conservative treatment approach for fibromyalgia

Do you often feel pain all over the body? Are you worried about the sudden pain onset at some points in your body? Well, we understand the discomfort and trouble you must be going through in your everyday life. Such a condition concerned with pain all over the body is referred to as fibromyalgia. Though the pain can vary from mild to severe with either gradual or sudden onset. But here is a lot more to know about the condition before you proceed with the treatment options where physical therapy is the most conservative approach.

What is Fibromyalgia?

It is a generalized painful condition that is experienced all over the body due to musculoskeletal pain. It affects the way our brain processes the painful stimulus and thus creates trigger points that are often more painful than generalized pain. It can be triggered by any stressful condition, including post-surgical trauma, psychological stress, surgery, or any infection in an immunocompromised patient. Different etiology refers to multiple varieties of symptoms.


        Generalized pain




        Associated illness including TMJ pain.


Treatment Plan

Though there are multiple lines of treatments to reduce down the pain of fibromyalgia, here are some most effective ones. If a patient is having a mild condition then medication can be the first line of treatment. But there is some more conservative approach than you can opt for getting quick relief.

        Pain Killers: The most frequently available over-the-counter drugs to relieve pain can be really helpful for the patient. For example, ibuprofen, diclofenac, enzoflam, flexon can give instant relief.

        Anti-Anxiety Drugs: To treat associated symptoms with fibromyalgia, anti-anxiety drugs can be really helpful.

        Cupping: Dry cupping works as a natural pain reliever for associated illnesses. It improves the blood flow in the inflamed area and relieves the pain instantly.

        Acupuncture: It is one of the most conservative treatment approaches used to treat pain. Dry needling is done in the most affected area which helps in the removal of inflammation. A regular follow-up with the doctor will help you get relief over a period of time.

        Physical Therapy: This is one of the best treatment options to go with for long-term relief.

How Does Physical Therapy Help To Get Rid of Fibromyalgia Pain?

Though there is no fixed treatment for fibromyalgia physical therapists can help you get rid of deep muscular pain. A physical therapist works with the patient’s complaints and solves the issue by assisting in muscular movements. Physical therapy helps to focus on the movement of the stiff muscles to help regain strength.

A physical therapist can educate patients regarding personal pain management techniques. Good posture maintenance can help you prevent muscle fatigue. A physical therapist is well trained in kinesiology, to assist in various movement techniques. They use a variety of machines to help the stiff muscles relax down. Regular exercise sessions prevent muscle fatigue and relieve the pain.

Additional Physical Therapy

 Muscle fatigue, stiffness, and tautness all can be treated by working closely with the physical therapist. Improving the range of motions of affected muscles can help patients get rid of severe pain. In some cases, the therapist might need to use additional aids along with the exercises. Ice application, hot and cold packs, deep muscle therapy might be needed to treat the pain at trigger points.

Hydrotherapy, a very popular treatment approach used by physical therapists can act as a boon for the patient affected severely with fibromyalgia. Intermittent hot and cold application at the affected area helps to reduce the inflammation by reducing down the blood supply in the region and thus promotes faster healing.

A physical therapist can also help the patient with pain management education by teaching them the easy ways to deal with the pain at home. The therapist can help the patient to teach them about the correct posture maintenance and learning some basic stretching exercises that will relax trigger zones. A regular therapy session can be really useful for the patient.


Though fibromyalgia can never with treated permanently, following proper treatment options can help you get rid of the continuous dull pain and discomfort. Things can be really scary for someone with trigger point pain but a physical therapist can really be an angel for the patient. Always keep in mind to listen to your therapist and take a regular follow-up. You can improve your condition by strictly following the advice from your therapist.



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