Apartment Adaptations For Seniors Aging in Place

Two seniors sitting on a bench and thinking about home adaptations for seniors.

Adjusting our homes as we age is a critical step that many people neglect. If you plan to stay in your current home until your golden age, adapting your apartment is crucial. There are so many tips and tricks that could be useful during this process. To help you with your research, we have prepared a list of apartment adaptations for seniors that'll make all the difference.

Form A Strategy

As with any other remodeling venture, try to be as meticulous with planning as possible. There's quite a bit of effort you'll have to put in. This means that you should strategize both time and money so that your energy isn't for naught. If you're not too sure where to start, contact someone who has gone through the process of adapting their senior apartment. Sometimes even a tiny bit of advice can help get you started and break that planner's block. You should also hire contractors that are on the exact same wavelength as you are. Look for someone flexible, reliable, hardworking, and trustworthy.

Invest in Quality and Comfort

If there's a piece of advice that you should take away from this article, it's to choose quality and comfort over everything. Appearance shouldn't be your priority, so try to find items and decor ideas that'll contribute aesthetically and practically. There are so many different home improvement approaches nowadays, and you don't have to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

A comfortable bed that you should invest in while making home adaptations for seniors.

Declutter Your Apartment

Before you get to the apartment adaptations for seniors, you need to clear any clutter from your home. Decluttering your home can be quite an emotional moment, and you may want to do this with your family. Going through your old photos and recalling distant memories is a great way to say goodbye to a previous chapter and welcome the new one. Certainly, the first step in the process will be to remove anything that's not practical, and that may cause accidents around the apartment. Once you've done this, go through any clutter that you don't use.

Maintain Your Home Regularly

Aside from decluttering before adapting your apartment for seniors, it would be best if you made cleaning a routine. Once you retire and have newfound free time, it's easy to fall into a time loop. If this happens, it's only natural to let your limited obligations linger. To prevent slipping into a rut and losing time this way, you need to create smaller routines that'll fill up your days. Cleaning is as good of a place to start as any.

A cleaner made from lemon acid that you should use to clean your apartment once you're finished with adaptations for seniors.

Packing Fragile Items For Storage

Once you begin to declutter and clean your home, you'll probably need to store some of your belongings. Packing breakables and glassware before taking them to storage can be a bothersome process. You need to handle it with care and make sure that it arrives safely. It's important to research different methods of packing before you get into it. Use bubble wrap and soft materials to lessen the blow if anything were to happen during transportation.

Adjust Everything Toward Your Needs

If you have a particular age-related struggle, don't ignore it. If it's tough for you to reach things that are on the top shelves, lower them. There's no point in unnecessarily enduring and putting up with uncomfortable experiences. Accept that there'll be some challenging stuff along with all the wonderful things that come with aging. Aging gracefully is all about making compromises and listening to your body.

Secure Your Apartment

When it comes to apartment adaptations for seniors, this may be the most useful one of all. Considering the safety of your neighborhood, you should think about improving your apartment security. You can take some smaller steps to be cautious. Purchase reinforced doors and windows, and remember to always lock your home, especially at night.

Think ahead

Even though it's impossible to predict how you'll feel in the future, you can make assumptions. Try to think ahead and consider what your needs will be. Meeting these needs earlier than necessary will spare you the trouble later. If there's a time to splurge and get long-lasting items, it's right now. Make your list of apartment adaptations for seniors that'll reflect your personal needs.

Install New Floors

Seek advice from your contractors and install floors that will suit your needs. One of the biggest mistakes in senior apartment adaptations is that people don't take slipperiness as a valid factor when choosing their floors. However, this isn't the only factor you should be looking into. If you really want to splurge and get the best deal, install floors that offer shock absorption in the case of a fall. Having this cushion effect could really make a big difference.

Stairs Don't Have To Be Your Enemy

Even though it would be ideal to have your whole home on one level, that isn't always the case. Luckily, you can adapt an apartment for seniors even if it has a set of stairs. A stairlift is the easiest way for seniors to get up and down the stairs. You can use an electric stairlift to easily access any level of your home. Both straight and curved stairwells can be accommodated by stairlifts. Although stairlifts are most commonly used inside the house, they can also be used outside. In most cases, they can be constructed in a single day. They won't damage your walls and can be installed so that anyone who visits you can normally walk up the stairs.

Cushion Your Furniture

One of the best home adaptations for seniors and anyone else, for that matter, is getting extra comfy mattresses and couches. Of course, if you can get anatomically contoured mattresses and cushions, that would be ideal. Aim for mattresses that are firm but comfortable. Even though it's natural to want to gravitate toward a softer mattress, it's actually wiser to go in the opposite direction.

Brighten Up Your Senior Apartment

Make sure that your home has enough light in every room. If it lacks natural light, add as many lighting fixtures as your home will allow. Another great tip for senior apartment adaptation is to set up easy access to all your lighting fixtures. This will ensure that you won't have to get up every time you need a reading light.

A security camera on a building that's a great apartment adaptation for seniors

Consider A Minimalistic Approach

Even though minimalism is a modern-day philosophy, it's great for apartment adaptations for seniors. Don't worry; you don't have to get rid of all things that have sentimental value, of course. However, making your home simple and creating an easy-approach environment will make everyday life easier. As with anything else, you should adjust this philosophy to your case and make it your own.

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