6 Best Digital/Smart Door Locks in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

6 Best Digital/Smart Door Locks in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Smart door locks are becoming popular day by day due to their easy-to-use techniques and some amazing features. These digital or smart door locks make your doors look attractive and give them optimum security as well. These locks have multi-features and can be locked or unlocked in multiple ways. There are a number of door locks available in the market having different shapes and designs that make it look perfect at your doors.

You don’t need to worry about whether you have locked the door as it will automatically lock the door behind you. Some of them even work on wifi and can be operated by your phone. You can check the lock by your phone and lock it or unlock it from anywhere. Listed below are some popular locks, their reviews, and buying guides making a perfect device for your doors.

1. August WiFi Smart Door Lock

August WiFi Smart Door Lock

The easy-to-use door lock that is an eye-catcher is the August door lock. It is a San Franshio home automation company that focuses on door locks, doorbells, cameras, and other things. The company released its first smart lock in 2015 that was controlled by Bluetooth and had a metal frame. You don’t need the traditional keys to open the door. You can open it with fingerprints, with the help of cards, or with a password. This smart lock is definitely going to keep your home safe and secure. 

Reviews and Buying Guide

        It is a perfect device for the front door, room door, or your office door.

        The lock is super attractive and gives your door a sleek look.

        It has in-built wifi that can open the door with the help of your phone.

        It is easy to install and use wherever required.  

2. Schlage Smart Lock

Schlage Smart Lock

Today it is number one smart lock that holds a firm position in everyone’s home. You can enter a 4 digit password or open it using a fingerprint. Its unique design and simple texture make it a perfect device for your door. It is heavy and made of metal that makes it a proper device. This lock can even be accessed by mechanical keys in emergencies. If you put the wrong password the lock starts making noise and the alarm rings. The door locks after a few seconds if you forget to close it, to keep your place safe.

Reviews and Buying Guide

        It is one of the favorite smart locks having an attractive design.

        One advantage is that it has mechanical keys.

        It works on batteries and notifies you once the battery is low.

        It can be easily installed with the help of screws that you get along it.

3. Kwikset Digital Door Lock

Kwikset Digital Door Lock

This door lock is also similar to the Schlage smart lock that can be opened with mechanical keys and also a password. They come in different shades and designs that you can choose depending upon the design of the door and your interiors. The company offers you a number of different models differing in size and shapes that are amazing having a shimmery and smooth finish on it. You can access it with your smartphone or can unlock it with a digital password. In an emergency or other situation, you can even unlock it with the help of the keys provided.

Reviews and Buying Guide

        Before buying it make sure that where you're going to install it.

        Choose the right one for your place.

        They can be installed at any type of door.

        They save bills as they work on batteries.

4. Yale Smart Lock

Yale Smart Lock

Another one that is immensely popular nowadays is the yale smart door lock. It works on sensors and can be easily opened with the help of a passcode. Some of them have a handle lock attached along with it that only opens when you insert the right password. This silver lock with a clean and smooth finish perfectly matches your wooden door. The lock has an alarm that starts when someone enters the wrong password. Installing it at the front door keeps the house safe and secure by providing optimum security.

Reviews and Buying Guide

        It is one of the most trusted companies providing you digital safety.

        This wifi compatible smart lock is easy to access.

        It is a budget-friendly product that is perfect for every place.   

        The lock gives a high level of security.

5. Godrej Multi-feature Lock

Godrej Multi-feature Lock

Apart from other things Godrej even provides a smart door lock having multiple features. Its beautiful design and high-tech feature make it a safe and secure device for your place. The slim and sleek Godrej smart lock has a glossy black finish that makes it look perfect on every door. The locks are available with handles and without handles and can choose whichever you want. Share the password with your family members so that they can access the door whenever required. This smart lock makes your work easy.

Reviews and Buying Guide

        It is a perfect device for your office premises or main door.

        It has amazing locking and unlocking features.

        The lock can be easily mounted on the doors and can be even accessed by smartphone.

        They have a good battery backup making them an eligible device.

6. Dolphy RFID Door Lock

Dolphy RFID Door Lock

The door lock from Dolphy is just so amazing that it can be easily opened with the help of a radio frequency card. The card has a chip and the lock has a sensor that works as soon as both interact. The rfid door lock is available in huge varieties ranging from sleek and slim to heavy. A minimum of 200 guest cards is available with the lock so that the people having the card can easily open the door. You just need to keep the card in front of the lock and it will open automatically without touching the door.

Reviews and Buying Guide

        The best part is that you can open the door without touching it.

        No keys or passcode is required to open the door.

        The advanced feature makes it a best lock.

        Its wireless connectivity is just fabulous.

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