3 Places to Plan Your Next Family Reunion

3 Places to Plan Your Next Family Reunion

Every family has different reasons for holding a reunion. It might be because it's a family tradition, or it may coincide with a significant family highlight, such as a 50th wedding anniversary. After a certain period, some families have reunions to ensure that relatives do not drift apart from each other.

Other families reunite to allow their kids an opportunity to meet and know their uncles, aunts, and cousins and allow new spouses to meet the extended family. While some families choose to hold reunions in their homes, others opt for a venue outside the home setting for a change. Let us look at three places to plan your next family reunion that will leave everyone satisfied.

1. Camping Resort

When planning a camping family reunion, start by finding the ideal camping resorts. Look for a place that suits almost everyone in the family as it is hard to meet everyone's needs. There might be family members who love camping, while others only imagine camping as glamping. If you want to keep everyone happy, look for a resort with a wilderness and glamping aspect, such as Fontainebleau camping.

Having your family reunion in a camping resort allows your family to bond after being apart for a long time. This is done when fishing together or going for walks. You can also bond when hiking, cooking, and storytelling over a campfire. If you are short of activities to do in a camping resort, there is no need to worry as most resorts have in-house fun activities. Some of the activities include giant chess and checkers, karaoke, swimming pools, candy hunts, bounce playgrounds, hot tubs, and live music.

When choosing a venue for a family reunion, select a destination with amenities appealing to the elderly, the disabled, and little kids. The platform should accommodate everyone, accessible by bus, train, or plane to avoid renting cars.

2. Vacation Home Rentals

Hosting a simple family gathering or a family reunion can be stressful. You have to scrub and clean every corner of the house, shop, and cook. You also have to rearrange your sleeping layout to accommodate all your nieces, nephews, uncles, and aunts coming from out of town. This includes looking for extra air mattresses, sheets, and towels for everyone. When the guests have come and gone, you will need a few rest days to regain your energy.

You can avoid all the stress by renting a vacation home for your family reunion. Holding a family reunion in a rented vacation home allows you to enjoy the occasion as you don't have to do anything. Your guests will walk into a clean and fresh house with beds made with fresh linen with a clean set of washcloths or towels.

Renting a vacation home for a reunion is cheaper than holding the event in a hotel. A vacation home is better as everyone will be under one roof; hence you will enjoy each other's company throughout your stay. Some vacation homes even allow you to bring your pets, such as dogs, while others provide amenities such as bikes, kayaks, private docks, tiki bars, horseshoe pits, arcade games, basketball nets, and volleyball courts. Others have access to secluded beaches, trolley services, and state-of-the-art gyms.

3. Cruises

Going on a cruise is another great way to hold family reunions for those who can afford it. It is an excellent way to spend time together and relax while enjoying a fun-filled vacation. A Carnival cruise is a great way to get everyone together in one place where you'll find beautiful sceneries, fun for everyone, and great food.

While planning a cruise, seek everyone's opinion on how to go about it. Some people like busy, bustling cities, while others prefer mellow beach vacations. Decide if you want to spend more time at the beach or go cultural sightseeing. Some of the destinations that appeal to most families include Hawaii, Bermuda, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Final Thoughts

Planning a family reunion does not have to be stressful. Whichever place you plan to have your next family reunion, get everyone to contribute ideas on the best venue. Since you only get together after a long time, try and make the occasion as memorable as possible.

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