Transform The Pool Area With Glowing Wall Mounted Pool Lights

Transform The Pool Area With Glowing Wall Mounted Pool Lights

If you have a swimming pool at your house, you must have planned to install the perfect lights for the pool area. Well-designed lighting can actually change the entire visual appearance of the pool. Integration of the correct lights is an art, and you need the right art designer for flawless execution. Wall mounted pool lights are easy to install and they also give brightness to your pool.

Demand For Surface Mounted Lights

You will be surprised to learn that majority of the homeowners are now installing wall mounted pool lights for lighting up the swimming pool. Of course, there are many other lightings options, but surface mounting is the most popular method nowadays.


  • It is easier to install the lights, especially the LED ones, on the walls as there is no need to get inside the water as in the case of installing the underwater lights. So you can get the necessary light without going into any complicated system.
  • You can choose from the inground pool and underwater pool lights, and the wall-mounted ones give better durability and also save your money.
  • The wall mounted pool lights usually remain in an embedded form on the walls. So they don't jut out of their positions. As a result, there is a minimum chance of easily breaking these lights due to collision with people or objects. 
  • The strength of the light is better than the halogen as it won't generate unnecessary heat. 
  • These lights are portable and they can easily be installed and maintained.

Focus on Energy Consumption

Homeowners always like to save energy and pay fewer utility bills. If you also want to lower the energy bills, then the wall mounted pool lights will be ideal for the premises. As these lights are less expensive too, you should prefer these instead of the other options available in the market. The halogens will always consume more energy than the surface mounted LED lights. 


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Convenience of Installation

The next time you are looking for a few DIY jobs, consider installing the wall mounted pool lights. It is quite easy, and you can do it with a little guidance.


  1. You have to disassemble the bracket right from the posterior end of the lamp. 
  2. Now you have to place the bracket where you intend to fix the light and mark the holes to drill and insert the roll plugs. 
  3. The next step is to fasten the bracket on the surface using stainless steel screws.
  4. The final step is to wind the cables behind the LED lamp and fasten it on the bracket.

Multiple Colours

The wall mounted pool lights are now available in myriad colours to match the interior and exterior d├ęcor. The lights are waterproof, which is an essential feature when installing them in the pool area. Water drops may splash on the lamps. The blue, red, and green colours can enhance the appearance of the place.

Multiple Colours

More Light

Moreover, the embedded structure does not show the entire body of the lamp, thus making the appearance more beautiful. The ultimate outcome is a smooth finish that beautifies the view of the water. You can check out from the warm pool lights, the ultra-thin or the stainless steel ones, along with the wall-mounted accessories that help you to make your poolside look better.

Adding To The Aesthetic Value

The swimming pool is not only the place for your relaxation but also for transforming the aesthetic value of the property. When you arrange for the poolside parties, there will be the minimum necessity of fixing extra lights if the wall mounted pool lights already brighten up the space with the magical illumination. So you should plan the lighting intelligently to enjoy maximum light with minimum light installation. 

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