Best Medical Transcription Service Solutions

Best Medical Transcription Service Solutions

Transcription service is a kind of business service that converts live or recorded speech into text. These services are meant for business, legal and medical purposes. After slogging out a day in seeing numerous patients, it can be quite challenging to transcribe notes.

However, you can easily handle this pressure if you have someone to do this job on your behalf. This may be beneficial, especially if your workload keeps changing every other day. However, many of you do not find it a good idea because you do not have a budget to afford it.

Although you can take out doorstep loans in Dublin or an unsecured loan if you need a big amount of money, many of you do not have this option most of the time. You have either a bad credit score that makes it complicated for you to have a loan signed off or poor affordability that fails to convince your lender about your credibility.

This is why the best option that you can consider is outsourcing medical transcription services. Outsourcing will be much cheaper than funding it. It will help you save a lot of money. Here are the best medical transcription service solutions that you can decide on:


It is one of the best medical transcription service solutions. Acusis is very popular when it comes to accurate transcription. It is not the reliability only that makes it very popular among all other transcription services. It has a wide range of features that particularly fit your goal.

All you need to do is to upload your audio file, and the rest work it will do. You do not need to get into the headache of anything. You can upload the file through a traditional phone line as well as an iPhone app. The best part of this service is it can protect your sensitive medical data.

Pros of Acusis:

  • It is an extremely reliable medical transcription service solution.
  • It provides various features and flexibility in using this service.
  • It offers a high level of security and complies with the HIPAA regulations.

Cons of Acusis:

  • Price varies from provider to provider. It can be slightly expensive compared to other service solutions.
  • At the time of noting down the text, you will not have any support for Android smartphones.

Aquity Solutions

With over four decades of HIM experience, it has served over 3,000 customers nationwide. A documentation solution helps you with medical data entry and management tasks.

One of the best advantages of Aquity Solutions is it captures all details accurately and allows medical staff to understand the patients’ condition fully.

Without many human resources, these solutions can provide services like coding, scribing, and interim management.

It is the largest transcription service provider globally with an annual system uptime of 99.9% and a target TAT of 99.5%. Its coding service is excellent, with an average quality score of 97%.

Aquity is the best solution when you need someone who you can rely on getting the job done on-site as immediately as possible.

Pros of Aquity Solutions:

  • It can handle a huge load of work.
  • It can reduce accounts receivables by around 40%.
  • It can improve the reimbursement rate by 5%.

Cons of Aquity Solutions:

  • You may need to enroll in a one-year contract.
  • You should have a minimum level of work.
  • Although it meets HIPAA regulations, it does not reveal anything about encryption security.

EHR Transcriptions

EHR transactions are the best solutions for hospital staff and medical groups. Unlike other solutions, EHR transcription can help you offer customised services. Medical facilities need fast medical transcription services, and this can be done with an EHR transcription solution efficiently.

HIPAA complaint team will work together. The best part of this solution is you will get the transcription done every day with no late transactions and no sloppy transactions. It will also ensure that there will be no loss of transactions.

 It can bring flexibility to those doctors who work in multiple locations. With the help of this solution, you can send the transcription to your clients. Even if your monthly subscription is not consistent, it can bring reliability.

Pros of EMR Transcriptions:

  • Unlike other transcription solutions, it offers a free trial period.
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • It provides the highest encryption standards.

Cons of EMR Transcriptions

  • It does not offer the most complex transcription service available.
  • It does not support the Android mobile platform.

Med-Scribe Solutions

When it comes to providing the fastest transcription services, you should consider Med-scribe solutions. It can transcribe all transactions in less than an hour.

The best part of this solution is you do not have to pay additional fees if you want to avail yourself of its fastest turnaround facility.

However, it is crucial to note that you need to pay setup fees. It makes sense to pay for this solution when you actually need transcription services as fast as possible.

Pros of Med-Scribe Solutions

  • It offers an extremely fast turnaround that other similar transcription solutions do not offer.
  • It does not charge additional fees if you want to take advantage of its fastest turnaround feature.
  • It provides good encryption services to minimize the risk of accidental loss.
  • It offers compatibility with various types of EHR solutions that is not the case with other transcription solutions.

Cons of Med-Scribe Solutions

  • Since this provides various advanced features, including the fastest transcription, it is more expensive than others.
  • It does not offer audit transcripts with a certain standard of quality.

Smart MD

The best part of this transcription service is it costs no minimal and setup fees. Get the invincible quality of work without shelling out money.

Phone support is available round the clock. The total cost can be a bit more because it is operated on cloud storage, but it is worth investing in this solution.

Pros of Smart MD

  • It has a wide range of features.
  • You can get a free trial period.
  • It does not involve any setup cost.

Cons of Smart MD

  • It supports mobile apps, but only if the interface is strong and better.
  • It can be more expensive than other transcription solutions, even if there is no minimum cost.

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