Perfecting The CBD Packaging Options As You Look for Now

CBD Packaging

CBD packaging is that part of the product that is thrown away after using the product itself. It is therefore the responsibility of those who design and produce CBD packaging as well as those who commission the realization, to carefully evaluate how to minimize unnecessary waste and environmental impacts. In fact, what until a decade ago was seen as an element of awareness is now a real necessity. In particular for certain subjects and in certain areas of the world it could be defined as a real emergency.

It is now etched in the memory of all of us, the news service after the Christmas holidays of cartoons thrown in the street. If we are the first to sensitize the consumer with the materials and the subliminal messages of the CBD packaging, all this may not happen.

What Elements To Consider To Evaluate The Environmental Impact of CBD Packaging?

Analyzing the problem we could summarize in 4 the key components to be analyzed.

  • Choice of materials
  • CBD packaging design
  • Habits of the final consumer
  • Disposal policies

So let's reflect on what is happening today.

1. Choice of materials

The choice of materials is always crucial. The final impact of the package on the environment will depend on the materials. There are different solutions, from 100% biodegradable such as the bottles that we talked about in this old article, to 100% recyclable material to switch to partially recyclable materials or in fact difficult to recycle for mixed use of materials that make it difficult for the final consumer to recycle the CBD packaging. Companies have a great responsibility in choosing materials, a recent Guardian article critically analyzes Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Budweiser's choice not to use recyclable aluminum for their cans. The entire life cycle of those cans depend on their choice.

2. CBD packaging design

Obviously, a cleverly designed design can allow the CBD packaging to use fewer raw materials and this is certainly good. Naturally, research and development work on the structure of the CBD packaging and the clear desire on the part of the company to move in this direction is needed. In this sense, the giant Procter & Gamble has decided to achieve a net saving of raw material of all its CBD packaging equal to 20% before 2020, as explained in detail in this article. Subsequently, the Custom CBD packaging structure could also be designed for easier disposal and rewindable in compaction.

3. Consumer habits

Clearly it is also the consumer himself who makes the difference, but we certainly cannot underestimate the importance of raising awareness that starting from the companies themselves can help him understand the importance of his final gesture. COOP Italia's awareness campaign relating to the Vivi Verde product line is an excellent example, reduction of CBD packaging, choice of recyclable materials as well as a line of products that marries organic. You need to have consistency on all fronts.

4. Disposal policies

In this, it is the municipal administrations that in Italy from municipality to the community has the possibility to complicate or simplify the life of the consumer for waste disposal.

In fact, not only do not all municipalities have the possibility of disposing of all materials, but there are curious cases where some materials are recycled differently depending on the municipality. We are thinking of polystyrene in some municipalities disposed of as paper, in others as plastic, and in others as undifferentiated. There are choices that do not help us insiders and the end customer to be clear on what to do.


The problem of respecting the environment certainly involves choices that we can all make ourselves. In my case by designing functional CBD packaging that uses 100% recyclable materials and obviously all of us as consumers can do our part with final disposal.

CBD packaging In the USA is committed every day to the design of CBD packaging made with respect for the environment, designed to minimize the waste of raw materials. It is a choice that the final consumer appreciates more and more and from which we all benefit.

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