Facts about Human Growth Hormones


Facts about Human Growth Hormones

Human growth hormone is produced organically by the body. Cell growth and regeneration are essential for increasing muscle mass and bone density. Only the body can maintain good working conditions.

Unfortunately, our body saw the highest HGH in the 20s, and then it disappeared. Weight-lifters and professional athletes seem to use HGH for helping them to gain a competitive advantage, and Hollywood praises its effects on aging. Facts about human growth hormone and steroids It can often use as a supplement or a good rationale — whether it is popular or popular, you may be satisfied with its effectiveness and aging.

HGH is also associated with other body stimuli — everything from sexual enhancement to sleep and mood. There is no research to support the benefits of HGH, but there are also some knowledge of HGH to help you start.

Benefits of HGH

GH can be injected medically. GH is suitable for children who have HGH deficiency and height. It is also approved for treatments of abnormal GH-deficiency disease often associated with major problems of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, or both. The diagnosis of GH deficiency in adults depends on the specific test that triggers GH production; a simple blood test is the best and most misleading.

Adults who have HGH deficiency can benefit from GH injections. They provide prevention of fractures, increase muscle mass, improve exercise and energy, and reduces the risks of heart disease. But there is a price to pay. About 30% of patients will experience side effects, including fluid retention, joints and muscles, tunnel syndrome (nerve pressure in the wrist causes pain and numbness), and high blood sugar.

Early Days of HGH

In the 1960s, scientists began using HGH to treat children with pituitary disorders that affect their growth rate. (On the left side, too much HGH in the body can cause acromegaly-condition that causes rapid growth of connective tissue and facial bones.)

HGH source at the time: corpse. It took 20 years to create the synthetic type. Bottom line, the most serious side effects are Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease, which can damage the brain and is caused by a harmful ion virus that is often found in HGH. These are the facts about human growth hormones and steroids.

Athletic Performance

Adults with low GH can gain more muscle, more energy, and better athletic ability through alternative therapies. An athlete works harder to build muscle and improve performance. Some people also turned to GH.

This is not an isolated case. Although Olympic Committee International Basketball Major League, National Football League and the Organization of Drugs International is banned, abuse GH is as bitter as many games, including baseball violates GH, the participant’s bicycles and orodkana is excluded. Risk what do they get in return? Are they harmful to health?

Since the use of GH is banned, due to athletics performance depend on many physical, mental, and competitive factors, scientists cannot score GH on these issues. But they can do a GH test or a placebo clinical test on healthy youth athletes, and measure the body shape, strength, and athletic ability of the lab.

A team of researchers conducted detailed reviews of 44 high-quality studies on growth hormone in exercise. The topics were young (average age was 27), slim (average weight 24), and healthy. 85% are men. A total of 303 volunteers receive HGH injections, on the other hand, 137 received a placebo.

After an average of 1 month of daily injections, body density (reflecting muscle mass, but also in body fluids) subjects receiving GH treatment increased by an average of 4.6 pounds. This is a great benefit — but it does not translate into action.

Big Muscles But Not Stronger

California researchers injected a group of male athletes with HGH for 20 days; other study participants were given placebos. Compared with the placebo group, HGH-ers gained about 5 pounds in 20 days, but the improvement in strength or exercise capacity was not complete. Also, HGH athletes release more moisture and fatigue.

Mark Cuban, the and Shark Tank "Shark," has received FDA approval to provide a research scholarship to study the effectiveness of HGH in helping muscle recovery after ACL surgery. Despite the negative perception of HGH in the sports world, Cuba believes that HGH treatment has real benefits in general.

Big Muscles But Not Stronger

He specifically told the University of Michigan that he told ESPN: "I want to compete with any school of thought that has not yet been considered. This collaboration is the first step in discovering facts about HGH," the University of Michigan is investigating. . The short term effect of HGH treatment include its effectiveness on back muscle contraction.

Diet and Exercise

Jonathan Swift wrote that everyone wants to live longer, but no one gets older. "Yes, but young people’s eyes are full of hallucinations. Growth hormone does not seem to be safe or useful for youth athletes or healthy adult men. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit down and let your father take his time. The goal of the exercise is every A pound of body weight uses about 0.36 grams of average protein. Even in the elderly, the daily protein requirement will not exceed 65 grams (about 2 ounces), accounting for 20% of their exercise volumes, such as walking, daytime, and another moderate exercise. Please make sure that every Do vigorous exercises 2 to 3 times a week to build muscles and strength. Everything, you are going to increase the activities and enjoy life-minimize the frequency of accidents.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

The increase in insulin is related to lower HGH levels. A refined form of carbohydrates and sugars can maximize insulin levels, so reducing intake can help optimize growth hormone levels.

A study found that healthy people have 3-4 times higher HGH levels than people with diabetes, and impaired form of glucose and insulin function (35 reliable sources). In addition to directly affecting insulin levels, excessive sugar intake is also a key factor in weight gain and obesity. Obesity and obesity also affect HGH levels. In other words, in the long run, occasional sweets will not affect your HGH levels. Aims to achieve a balanced diet, as the diet has a found effect on the health, the hormones, and the body composition.

Natural Supplements

Several supplements can enhance the production of human growth hormone, including:

Glutamine. A 0.002 kg dose can temporarily increase its level by 78% (66 reliable sources). Creatine. A 0.02 kg dose of creatine can significantly increase HGH levels within 2-6 hours (67 reliable data). Ornithine. A study of participants ornithine half an hour after exercises and found that their HGH levels were higher (68). L-dopa In patients with Parkinson's disease, 500 mg of levodopa can increase HGH levels for 2 hours (69 trusted sources). Glycine. Studies have found that glycine can improve gymnasium performance and increase HGH (70 reliable sources) in short term. Although these supplements may increase your HGH levels, research shows that the effects are temporary. Several natural supplements can temporarily increase HGH production.

HGH and Aging

To assess the effectiveness and safety of HGH in the health of elderly people, a group of researcher reviewed a 31 high studies. Each study is small but together evaluated 220 subjects receiving HGH and the 227 control groups receiving GH. Did not get hormones. The subject was men; their average age 69 years, and the typical volunteer overweight but not fat.

The dose of GH varies greatly, and the treatment time ranges from 2 to 52 weeks. Nevertheless, different doses can still successfully increase the level of IGF-1 reflecting GH level by 88%. Compared with subjects who did not receive growth hormone, the treated individual to gain an average of 2 kg of lean body-mass and excreted a similar amount of body fat. There was no significant change in LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride, aerobic exercise, bone density, and blood sugar and insulin levels. However, GH recipients experience high side-effects, includes fluid retention, joint pain, breast enlargement, and carpal tunnel syndrome. This study is too short to detect any changes in the cancer risk, but other studies have shown that in general, prostate cancer in particular, the risk of cancer is increased.

Human growth hormone is not the source of youth. The level of HGH decreases with age. Although HGH is marketed as an anti-aging formula, it is said to help improve the elasticity of skin, stimulate cell growth and cell regeneration, but few studies support this.

However, today there are oral growth hormone preparations, injections, and even inhalants as anti-aging drugs. A report showed that HGH can improve muscle and composition of the body in 12 elderly men. The control group for this particular study is small, so there is still not enough evidence to support this claim. Entrepreneurs and celebrities are loyal supporters of the "power" of HGH anti-aging.

Peter Thiel once said that he plans to use paleo diet and HGH treatment to live to 120 years old. He said: "It helps maintain muscle mass, so you are much less likely to suffer bone damage and arthritis." One thing we know is, the side effect of using too much HGH to fight age are far outweigh. Any potential benefit. Side effects may include high pressure in the blood, heart failure, swelling, diabetes, etc. Like all hormone replacement therapies, HGH can only be administered, and the price of anti-aging "injections" can be as high as $15,000.

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