8 Top Salon & Spa Management Software in 2021

8 Top Salon & Spa Management Software in 2021

Be it a small, growing, or well-established beauty industry. In all cases, an extraordinary standard of administration is much needed. The extreme amount of people’s demand for spas and salons results in a high level of workload on the salon staff. So, to minimize the burden, there are appropriate smart solutions called (salon software) in the market that works efficiently.

The right salon and spa software contribute a lot in enhancing the speed, efficiency, and management of your business. It is specially designed to automate the daily activities of the salon & spa industry. It assures to assist the salon owners and salon staff in performing all the important tasks. Thus, converts your business into a smartly managed business.

Whether it comes to scheduling, archiving data, managing invoices, managing inventory, online payments, or any other crucial task, this smart tool proves to be magical. Thus, promises to manage your business operations and progress to another level.

This write up will explain to you the top salon and spa management software but before that let’s know the benefits of salon software.

Benefits of Salon and Spa Software

Using the right software solution for your salon and spa business can add numerous benefits to your business. In fact, it acts as a game-changer to make your business progress to a peak level.

Following are the benefits:

        With the help of automation processes, the software helps a lot in saving plenty of time.

        Appointment calendars add major help in the smooth functioning of the salon and spa business.

        Makes the rescheduling and canceling process easier

        Sends appointment reminders. Thus, makes the process hassle-free

        Reduces the burden of salon owners and staff

        Provides the services conveniently and on time

        Right salon software assists a lot in enhancing your business growth

        Provides standard of administration by managing things in a very smooth manner

Top Salon and Spa Management Solutions


Salonist is cloud-based salon management that aims to assist salon owners & staff to manage their salon chores. It’s invented with a motive to reduce the workload through smart solutions. With the help of a salonist,  salons of all sizes can look after appointments, inventory, scheduling, marketing, and many more with the utmost ease. It also provides a 14-day trial that owners can go for to analyze the working on software before buying the plan.

Its diverse features include:

        Appointment booking

        Customer management

        Slot blocking

        Credit card management

        Payment processing

        Text and email marketing

        Point of scale

        Comprehensive reporting


Booker is a scheduling solution for spas and salons. It features appointment booking, POS, reporting, and inventory management. Its inbuilt calendar allows clients to make bookings 24/7 via phone. It’s designed to assist small and mid-size businesses.

Other key features include:

        Scheduling: allows viewing daily appointments by time

        Online booking: provides personalized booking

        POS: Accept cash, debit, credit, gift certificates, and loyalty points 

        Inventory management: manages inventory efficiently via smart features

        Marketing features: promotes your business via email campaigns, reviews, customer surveys, etc.


Goreminders is an all-in-one salon spa solution that offers numerous interesting features to make your business operations easier. It’s a simplified tool that saves a lot of time for saloon staff and allows them to utilize that saved time in other crucial tasks.

Other than this, GoReminders allows salon owners to make a try before purchasing. It provides four pricing plans, each plan includes unlimited stylists and salon locations. To get beneficial discounts customers can opt for paying annually despite monthly.

Other key features include:

        Appointment scheduling

        Appointment notes

        Client self-scheduling

        Staff notifications

        Self reminders

        Usage reports


Kitomba is a complete cloud-based salon spa management system. It is included with all the features which the salon spa requires essentially. Kitamba software works on both desktops and smartphones as well. This system can also send nudges to encourage rebooking.

Its integral  features include:

        Online booking

        Point of scale

        Loyalty programs

        client cards

        Payroll management

        Inventory management



Korona is an all-in-one software solution that comes with a diverse number of features. It comprises great inventory management tools, reports, and easy to track metrics which helps essentially in tracking where to put the focus.

Key features include:

        Various payment options

        Rewards & loyalty program

        Marketing features

        Discount pricing

        Inventory management

        Sales reports and recorder levels

        Integration with various accounting services


MicroBiz solutions are available as cloud-based or window-based solutions. It aims to assist independent business owners in managing their daily operations with a series of specific versions of its POS software. POS features such as using barcodes speed up transactions while checkout and other features help streamline repetitive tasks.

Other key features include:

        Customer orders

        Customer promotions

        Customer management

        Inventory management

        Purchasing and receiving

        Reporting analytics

        Stores management


It’s a scheduling platform that salons can use to create profiles and make appointments. It’s a combination of numerous features that togetherly helps in the smooth running of salon business.

 Here are the key features:

        Exclusive online booking

        Automated marketing

        Real-time client messaging

        Web presence management

Salon iris

Salon Iris is a software solution for individual stylists who rent a booth and salons of all sizes. It is meant to help saloon businesses to grow efficiently. It helps salons to track clients, maintain product inventories, market services, payroll, and many more. This smart tool may result in the expansion of your brand, attract new clients & a massive increase in profits.

        Key features include:

        24/7 customizable online booking website

        Appointment reminders

        Integrated POS

        Credit card processing



        Software integrations

        Cloud data security


In this write-up, we have made full efforts to let you be aware of the top salon software that can enhance your daily salon operations. In fact, it can take your business progress to the next level.

So, with the help of the right salon software, you can assist yourself & your salon staff to perform the business operations with more ease.

We request our readers to make optimum use of our shared information and let us know where we are lagging behind.

Thank you for your precious time!

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