7 Fabulous Way to Spend Your Valentine’s Day during COVID-19


7 Fabulous Way to Spend Your Valentine’s Day during COVID-19

Valentine’s Day is drawing steadily near and we are all set to celebrate being together with our loved ones. The fact that the occasion is meant to honor all forms of love hasn’t changed. Yet this year the celebrations will need to a bit different than usual.

Ordinarily, people spend Valentine’s Day enjoying parties, meals, and other gatherings. However, Covid-19 requires social distancing to be a part of these activities this year. This might limit your plans and you might not be able to do something altogether. For instance, traveling, going to the theater, or concerts.

Hope isn’t entirely lost though as we have some creative ideas to make this day extra special for you. We understand that how important it is to celebrate love while living in a world affected by the pandemic. Therefore, we have seven activities on our list for a memorable V-Day for you and your special someone.

  • Virtual Date

A virtual date can be a great substitute if you and your partner can’t be at the same place. A screen understandably does not replace a physical company, but it is the next best thing. You can talk and laugh together, share feelings and life events, just like in person. For an extra surprise, order a meal that you both love and have it delivered to your partner’s doorstep. This way you can still light candles and have a romantic dinner despite being apart from each other.

  • Have An Indoor Or Outdoor Picnic

If your region is currently enjoying a warmer temperature, then an outdoor picnic would be ideal. Valentine’s Day is the best excuse for having a romantic and relaxing time in the fresh air. Especially after the lockdowns endured last year. Select a variety of gourmet foods and your choice of drinks to carry along.

You do not have to venture far from home either if you can’t or don’t want to. Just set up a picnic table on your lawn and spend some quality time together with your partner. With a touch of creativity and a menu of your favorite bites this V-Day celebration can become exceptional. In case of cold weather, you can create this wholesome environment within your living room as well.

  • Send Gifts By Post

Receiving a package in the mail from your loved ones can never lose its thrill. From the anticipation of discovering it to the excitement of unwrapping, a gift delivered by mail is itself an event.

Spend some time and thought in picking out a present, and make sure its something they will enjoy. Whether it’s a favorite book or Valentine's Day outfits, the present should reflect that you know their preferences. Rest assured, a gift sent in the mail is always worth remembering and never fails to make people smile.

  • Take A Camping Trip

At first, this idea might not seem the most suitable one for Valentine’s Day. But what if we told you that it is scientifically proven that adventures strengthen relationships? This plan will work especially well if you are an experienced camper.

Select a destination with a scenic view to star gaze late into the night with your partner. It would be cold in the open so why not gift them the perfect warm thing to wear also?  Get the Midnight Sky jacket which will keep your partner extra comfortable and snug, completing their happiness. Add in a bonfire, toasted marshmallows with hot chocolate, and a nice tent for an amazing Valentine’s Day trip.

  • Binge Watch Romances

Even those of us who usually prefer other film genres, love to share a feel-good romance with their partner. It is relaxing, takes your mind off any stress, and just a great way to bond. Make hot chocolate, get your favorite delicious snacks ready by the couch, and get set to watch. 

  • Cook Dinner Together

Due to the pandemic situation, lots of people might not be able to reserve their tables at their favorite restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you need to cancel your dinner date altogether! Cooking is the most enjoyable activity to do as a couple. Sometimes your efforts can turn up incredible dishes that you never dreamt of cooking at home. Especially when two minds are involved in the endeavor.

Look through cookbooks or browse for recipes on the internet to find the perfect dish to make. Once you have chosen the entrée and know the ingredients then visit the supermarket. Do not be scared of experimenting! Even if you are not that good at cooking then choose a simple and easy dish. It will be something new and interesting for you and your partner to try.

  • Volunteer At A Community or Take An Online Class

These might not be your average Valentine’s Day activities, making them all the more unique and bonding. Having new experiences alongside your partner is the best way to get closer together.

There are plenty of opportunities available all year round to help your local community. Working with a loved one for a good cause can be extremely satisfying. You get to know them better and truly let them know about you while improving things around you.

On the other hand, a virtual course or class is also a great way to learn together. You can explore new sides of yourself and support each other. Everything from photography to cooking classes is available online to benefit from. Or you can even take some special dance lessons together! The options are endless here and would make an amazing surprise as well if you register beforehand. Just be certain that it will be truly enjoyable for your loved one too.

Whichever activity you choose to do over Valentine’s Day, what matters most is how you feel towards each other. Even the simplest things can be immensely enjoyable when you are with your special person. Give them the time and attention they deserve every single day. Spend your moments together in the best way possible to have a happy and healthy relationship.

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