Youtube SEO Tips: How To Promote Your Video

Youtube SEO Tips: How To Promote Your Video

The Main Indicator For Video Promotion.

Before we talk about promotion tools, it is worth dwelling on the main indicators of the video, and the YouTube channel, taking into account which the promotion should be built and the distribution format should be selected.

You Need To Pay Attention To The Following Values:

Audience Retention;

  • Cover CTR (click-through-rate, the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions as a percentage);
  • ER (engagement rate, that is, the engagement rate in a percent: likes, comments, subscriptions after viewing, etc.);
  • Viewing depth on the entire channel (transitions from one clip to another).

Why is All This Important?

  • Let's take a look at how each metric affects your potential search results and ranking.
  • CTR - The higher your icon-to-view conversion, the more views you get for fewer impressions.  This is a signal for YouTube to show you more often in the recommendation block, on the main and other viewing pages because the likelihood of viewing is high.
  • Audience retention - the higher it is, the more time each user will spend on the platform.  This is a signal to YouTube that you are helping to keep the viewer on the platform for a long time.
  • Depth of viewing across the entire channel - the more videos from your channel each viewer watches, the better, and this is a clear sign that they like your videos.  This is a signal for YouTube that you can interest the viewer not only with one video but with a whole series which increases the time spent on YouTube.
  • ER - everything is simple here: every reaction, be it a like or a comment, is a signal that your content gets a response from the viewer, and he wants to respond to it.
  • Important!  In all social networks, recommendations work according to the following principle.
  • The video is shown for 500 people (conditionally).  YouTube measures how users reacted to the content shown, whether they clicked, how long they watched it, etc.
  • If YouTube understands that your video gets interactions and people like it, it shows you a new portion of users, but a little wider - say, 5 thousand people.  And then in a circle.
  • As soon as your video stops eliciting a reaction from people, it drops out of recommendations.
  • And only the quality of the content will determine how many views you get as a result.

What Is Important To Know When Promoting?

  • All promotion formats can be divided into three categories:
  • Organic;
  • Conditional organic;
  • Official paid traffic;


  • Everything is clear - this is the traffic that you get from the search and the block of recommendations by optimizing your videos.
  • The main advantage is that such promotion is free.  Optimization is available to everyone and does not cost money.
  • But there is a significant disadvantage - thanks to optimization alone, you can get only minimal traffic. Small channels will lose here to channels with a larger audience.

Conditional Organic

  • The conditional organic includes the traffic that is displayed in traffic sources as traffic from other pages on YouTube and external sites.  First, this is traffic from postings from other authors, integrations, and posts in communities.
  • The main advantage of such traffic is its speed because the post will instantly be seen by thousands of people.  Also, traffic received on the recommendation of a blogger converts better than other types of promotion into subscriptions, comments, and likes.

Official Paid Traffic

  • Of course, these are Google Ads.
  • There are many advantages to this distribution format:
  • Prompt launch of an advertising campaign and a large volume of traffic in a short time.
  • Flexible targeting and the most detailed analytics in the advertising office to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Low cost per view relative to blogger placements.

Recommendations For Using Promotion Tools.

  • Before promoting videos, take the time to optimize your content: choose a catchy title, description, and tags, add internal interactive elements to keep traffic on your channel.
  • I recommend combining traffic from bloggers and paid traffic, while the second should be 20-30%.  This way, you can ensure a high level of retention and engagement, and even if your advertising campaign in Google Ads is set up incorrectly, you won't harm your channel.
  • Also, use different services to promote your videos on different platforms.  For example, you can buy Spotify followers to increase listening to your playlist, thereby raising it to the top.  If you are a beginner blogger, then do not be afraid to seek help from various platforms.
  • To summarize all the above, the algorithm for successfully launching or developing an existing channel is as follows:
  • Optimize your videos.  Come up with interesting names, accompanied by tags and descriptions.  Remember: don't spam with irrelevant tags or mislead viewers with clickbait names.

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