Top 10 Arcade Machine Games


Top 10 Arcade Machine Games

The following games were so popular that today they are considered classics and many want to have the best arcade machines in their homes or work establishments; either to attract more public or as a collection.

For years these games have won large loyal groups of fans who remain their favorites even today. The truth is that many of these best arcade machines continue to gain followers; there are versions that you can get on the internet and even local ones where they have their own machine.

1. The Classic Pac-Man

We couldn't start a list of the best arcade machines without naming Pac-Man. This old arcade game has been adapted to new technologies and you can now enjoy it from your Smartphone downloading the application.

It was released to the public on May 21, 1980, and from 1981 to 1987 they sold an incredible 293,822 machines; it even holds the Guinness record for being the most successful arcade video game ever.

In fact, if you go to Google and put PAC-MAN in the search engine you will get a Doodle where you can play the original version of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

2. Pong

This is another classic game that we include in the list of the best arcade machines. It was released by Atari in 1972 and it was a revolution in terms of sports games.

This game simulated being a table tennis game, in which to reach the majority of points you had to avoid the ball from escaping. This game allowed you to play with another person or with the arcade machine itself.

Currently, you can try different variations of this game and it is very easy to find it on the Internet to test it.

3. Time Crisis

This video game had its first release in 1997 and was at the top of the best modern arcade machines since it was a three-dimensional game, a novelty at that time.

This game was a shooting game (shooter), as we have mentioned before, three-dimensional, it made its leap to arcade machines where it had three sequels. But you currently have this game available for the PlayStation video console.

4. Donkey Kong

Who has not heard of the famous and complicated level 22 of Donkey Kong? Considered one of the best arcade machines, this Nintendo game, released to the public in 1981, became a classic; In addition to being responsible for the creation of the successful and historic Mario Bros. franchise.

5. Street Fighter

Another fighting game that went down in history as one of the best arcade machines. Unlike the other games on this list, Street Fighter became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its second title.

Street Fighter II was arguably the first to popularize arcade fighting machines. The first part of the series was released in 1987 and is currently available for the most popular consoles on the market.

6. Computer Space

Now we enter the machines that made history and without them, we could not have the games that there are today. Computer Space is the first coin-operated video game machine sold?

It was released in 1971 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, the founders of Atari. It's arguably the game that started the entire arcade phenomenon. Although it was not very popular, its contribution is one of the largest in the history of video games.

7. Space Invaders

We continue with the best arcade machines and this time the position is taken by one of the most important video games in the history of Space Invaders from the Taito Corporation company. This game was what made the difference between what was known before 1978 and what happened after.

It is the forerunner of modern video games. An interesting fact is that it was so popular that the Japanese government increased the production of coins because everyone was spending them playing Space Invaders.

The game is simple, you control a cannon that must destroy the invading aliens; however, university theses have been generated around this emblematic game.

8. Metal Slug

Designed for Neo-Geo arcade machines, Metal Slug stood out for its history and characteristic handcrafted animation. The game's sense of humor gained acceptance from thousands of people in its year of release, 1996.

It is still a popular game and a classic that you must experience for yourself. It is available for practically all popular consoles, Android, iPhone, among others. You may get more useful information from jeuxarcades website.

9. Out Run

You surely remember the popular racing game Out Run and the red Ferrari Testarossa convertible. Made a great contribution to the world of videogames by introducing bi-linear parallax scrolling technology. The player must clear five stages before time runs out.

10. Tetris

This game could not be missing from this list. The world-famous and practically everyone knows Tetris even those who do not like video games. Its enormous popularity has remained over the years and today you can find it on any platform and device.

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