The Role OF An Intern


The Role OF An Intern

Students after completion of their studies are in search of jobs. It’s not the time where you just show your degree to the recruiters of the company and get the job. Until you have a lot of experience in the related fields. But what about the students who have just passed from the school or colleges and are in a search of jobs without any experience.

In this blog, you will know how an internship can bring changes to the student’s life by getting a job. Before proceeding further you should know what is the role of an internship? How can one opt to do an internship? How is it beneficial and makes success in your job role?

Internship Role

The role of an internship plays a vital role in one’s life. But, what does an intern do? If you are thinking doing an internship is an easy task then the answer is NO. Don't be overwhelmed with expectations. It's not as easy as you think. It involves a Modern role-support king and working strategy. The way you set up your skills. The new definition in grasping the things and technology.

What is An Intern?

In any organization or a private firm, interns play a vital role as a trainee. He or she signed as a trainee for a brief period. They aimed to gain work experience and knowledge in some university credit or on an industry level.

The duration of the trainee depends upon the firm requirement. Some internships are based on long term durations or some are for 2 to 3 weeks of trainee assessments. During the internship trainee may be paid, unpaid or partially paid. If you are hired for a longer duration of Internships then you will be compensated in some or the other way forms like a monthly wage, travel expenses, accommodation, food allowances, medical allowances, etc.

Where Can You Intern

You have many options of doing internships anywhere you would like. Select the area of interest of doing an internship. The company which you are selecting should be according to your specialization which seeks in your career paths. It can be any Digital company, or any small private firm, or else goes for the option where you find the best way.

How Can You Approach

The best way to approach an internship is while uploading your resume on the official websites of the Job portal. In the recent survey, one can link onto the website of the Internshala portal. Internshala is the best source for freshers and interns through which they can apply and can do the internships. Next, comes where one can apply for an internship as well.

You should always be aware of the companies reaching into your campus placements. Might you get a good opportunity for internships too?

What Does An Intern Do?

So what does an intern do exactly? Interns are assigned the work according to the organization’s needs and requirements. Internships are based on a different set of roles assigned to interns. It depends on the full-time job or part-time role on the job.

In the beginning, interns set a role. This role is designed on a primary basis.

What Work You Can Expect To Do As An Intern:

As an intern, lots of work is assigned to you during internships depending upon the duration of an internship you are with.

Assist in Day-To-Day Activity

As an intern, you will be assigned with the projects. This project will make you feel better by grooming your skills and bringing your skills up to par. For example, if you are working with an automobile company say a tractor industry then you will be assigned a different internship under this category including marketing, financing, public relations, administration, etc.

Interns Have Some Roles and Responsibilities:

Research On The Content - The first and foremost step you will follow is to deal up with the knowledge. It’s your knowledge whether gained at the university level or reference with website research will be your main work for the first duration of the week.

Performing clerical work and duties - Clerical duties are assigned to an intern on the first half of the working hours including various tasks to perform like maintaining files, organizing, drafting reports, PowerPoint presentations, etc. It depends on which specialization you are opting for an internship. You may also be scheduled with appointments, organizing conference rooms, writing emails to customers, etc.

While working you can expect to learn as much as possible. Learning also depends upon the skills that you have. Technically, or Theoretically. Here you can brush up on your soft skills as well.

Learning Through Networking

In an organization, you can learn and gain knowledge from your seniors, bosses, colleagues, customers, and clients. W Networking involves building relationships with your bosses, colleagues, and customers, and clients. Having a good network of connections in your organization will help in building a successful career.

In all, the role of an intern plays a vital role in the overall development of an organization as well as for better success in the future. While working as an intern you will come across ample knowledge, what work exactly you have to do, the task you have been assigned is completing in the given duration or not. Working as an intern for the long term or short term will enlighten your career and bring success in the future.

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