Remarkable Robots to Make People’s Lives Comfortable


Remarkable Robots to Make People’s Lives Comfortable

Robotic technology has come a long way. You must have heard various robots expert enough to carry out household tasks and assist surgeons in the operation theatre. We all have been relying on technology slowly and surely, which is why new developments are witnessed in robots. Robots are leaving no stone unturned to fascinate us.

The fascinating part is experts are not making robots as machinery – in fact, they are developing them as a living machine to assist us in several complex tasks. They can deliver packages, assist in surgery, diagnose symptoms of various diseases, wait on people, do housekeeping, and may other things.

Robots have a plethora of uses and what you see now is just the beginning. Robots come in various sizes: they can be small or large, but you will find them mind-blowing after knowing how they can help you. Here are some marvellous robots that can do what you cannot expect them to do in your imagination.  

LG Autonomous Robot

Hospitality, retail, education, restaurant, and corporate sectors always need hi-tech cleaning solutions. You cannot rely on manpower to carry out housekeeping tasks while you are short on time. Further, there is constant in and out of people, leading to an increased risk of infections due to bacteria and viruses.

Disinfecting public places is exceptionally challenging. After the outbreak of the pandemic, many people had to bring it into their habits. While you know viruses can survive much longer on surfaces, you mustn't take housekeeping tasks casually. Now you do not need to worry. You do not need more leeway to appoint additional housekeeping staff because LG Autonomous Robot can do it effectively within less time.

It uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect surfaces. It is an independent robot because it does not need your help to move the furniture around. With a single charge, it can clean a large area within half an hour. You can track the cleaning activity through your mobile device where you will receive updates.  

Palm-Size Robot Dog

This robot is fun as well as educational. This tiny but powerful robot can play tricks like real animals. This has a palm-fit design with the agility that makes it capable of functioning. It is a perfect tool for learning. This is the best present to gift your children.  The best part of this robot is you can add other AI features by mounting an AI chip through a wired or wireless connection.

You can teach the robot new skills. This robot has four legs to move instead of wheels so it can quickly move around on the uneven surface. This manoeuvrability makes this robot luxurious. Since it has an assembled robot, it can disintegrate when it is hard hit at the weak link. However, this robot is strong enough to survive the frequent collision. If it is disintegrated, you can easily reassemble it.

Flippy Robotic Kitchen Assistant

If you are running a commercial kitchen, you will need an assistant. Flippy can be a great solution to your need. This assistant tool can speed up the task and free up the team of chefs from their work so they could focus on other activities. It increases the speed of the task and helps the chefs complete their tasks with more accuracy.

This artificial intelligence robot knows how to hold the spatula and flip the piece of meat. This robot has recently prepared over 12,000 burgers. Those robots can grill or fry food, cook perfectly, monitor all food items carefully, collaborate well with the rest of the kitchen staff, and automatically work, which means it does not need human assistance. The best part of this robot is it comes with a compact design, which means it does not cover much space.


This is an autonomous robot that you can play with and explore the world of artificial intelligence. You can teach this robot to recognize objects and people. The unique quality of this robot is it is a remote control robot.

You can use Nabot to collect or pick objects from one place and put them back. This is not a tough job for a robot because it can do it easily with his strong arm and claws that help it make a tenacious grip on objects. You can programme it to do any household chores. Whether it is to grab a TV remote or water plants or pull a tray lying on the dining table closer to you, this robot can do this anything for you. 

These robots can undoubtedly make your life comfortable. However, you will need to invest some money in them. They are not very expensive. With a small amount of savings, you can buy these robots. In case you do not want to throw your savings at them, you can take out text loans.

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