How Much Does Tree Trimming or Removal Cost?


How Much Does Tree Trimming or Removal Cost?

Tree Trimming is essentially done to improve the appearance of any place by chopping out the extended branches and giving the trees a proper shape. Tree service is rapidly becoming a growing business in many areas including Des Moines IA.

This is a process that must be done by a professional. The process is also called pruning which is done by an arborist. Even though pruning is not just limited to trees but if you prune bushes then you would be wasting your time. For such bushy foliage, all you can opt for is simple trimming to provide them a neat shape. This trimming promotes healthy growth for the plant allowing it to grow in a particular shape.

Cost of Tree Trimming Costs

On average, a tree trimming service would cost you around $450, however, depending on the scenario and area people end up paying between $200 to $750.

If you want to trim trees that have a height lower than 30 feet, then the trimming cost significantly reduces to somewhere between $75 and $400. However, trees that have a height of above 30 feet to 60 feet, can cost more than $1500 on their trimming.

All in all, you must check with proper professional service to get an estimate for your tree trimming service cost. This article will provide you a rough idea of the types of trimming on various kinds of trees and how much would they cost.

Cost of Tree Topping

Tree Topping is a process that provides a topping shape to the overgrown trees. Its cost lies in a similar range to a pruning cost. Topping would cost you between $400 to $800.

 However, you should stay warned that if you remove the main trunk of any tree that is many years old can actually, cause more harm resulting in the death of the tree. The only condition under which your professional will get rid of the trunk is when you do not need the tree at all.

Tree removal is usually priced between $400 to $1200. The cost is typically more than a simple pruning procedure.

Cost of Cutting the Branches Only

Cutting the branches is the same as pruning or trimming but would cost somewhere between $200 to $750. This cost usually depends on the size of the trees; if they are under 30 feet then the cost of cutting the branches would be lower because the process would not require the use of any equipment.

Cost of Tree Pruning

Pruning the trees costs around $400 and $800. If you are using the services of a certified professional then this price can go significantly high. Generally, pruning the trees ensure their healthy growth in the future catering to the aesthetics aspect as well.

Cost by The Hour

The service which trims your trees and branches does not operate by the hour, however, still, the companies are in the habit of quoting their prices by the hour for the workers operating in the field. The rates by the hour include traveling costs, insurance, license, equipment fee, etc as well.

What Factors Influence the Tree Trimming Costs?

There are certain factors that decide the exact cost of your tree trimming service and these are:

        The height of the trees,

        Area or location,

        Type of the tree or its specie,

        The overall the health of the trees,

Types of Trees & Their Trimming Costs

1.      Queen Palm Trees

The Queen Palm tree trimming would cost you somewhere between $100 to $1200 according to their height and size. There are trees in certain areas of the United States that go up to a height of 74 feet, so their trimming charges are significantly higher then the rest.

3. The Pine Trees

The cost of trimming the pine trees can range somewhere around $200 to $1500. This also depends on its height and overall size. Even though the pine trees grow to 100 feet at times but generally they do not cross the height of 30 feet. If you are in an area where species are complex then your professional can charge you more.

4. The Fruit Trees

The cost of trimming fruit trees is the lowest, between $100 to $400 because rarely do they exceed a height of 30 feet. If you are planning to start your own fruit farm then you must hire a professional arborist to trim your trees to ensure proper fruit growth in the season. Professional make sure that the health of the plant remains a priority.

5. The Crepe Myrtle

For a crepe myrtle species, a professional will charge you $75 to $400 for its trimming. Their height range lies between 3-30 feet which are not music hence, trimming costs of companies are comparatively lower.

The Large Trees & Their Trimming Costs

The large-sized trees grow up to a height of 60 feet hence their trimming costs are the highest. These trunks of such trees are the thickest while their branches grow in complicated shapes hence they require the use of heavy machinery and complex equipment for their trimming procedures.

The tallest trees can go up to a height of 100 feet and their costs are the highest in any area. Still, it is important to get in touch with your professional arborist to get a cost estimate.

DIY Tree Trimming

Some people indeed end up trimming their trees on their own, however, it is important that you take proper precautionary measures and buy the right equipment before jumping on the bandwagon. If you are planning to trim lar sized trees then it is not a wise option, you must hire a professional to do it for you.

Remember that a pruning job that is improperly done by an amateur will not only harm the person trimming the trees but can actually affect the overall health of your plant resulting in its death.

In the End

Tree Trimming is a complex process requiring the use of proper machinery and skill. Hence, you must seek the assistance of a professional arborist for this job rather than doing it yourself.

Happy Trimming!

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