Easy Ways to Improve Security on Your Property


Easy Ways to Improve Security on Your Property

Safety is key to avoiding security risks on your residential or commercial property. You can create a better stronghold by taking the right precautions to stop danger in its tracks before it affects the integrity of your property. Here are some of the easiest ways to improve the security on your property.

Increase the Lighting

Poor lighting can make your property a much more dangerous place for your family or staff members. By finding ways to improve your property’s lighting, intruders won’t have as many opportunities to try to sneak onto your property without being noticed. Outdoor lights that provide enough brightness for entranceways and walkways can be especially useful at night. Lights with motion sensors can detect if someone is on your property and turn on your lights automatically.

Put Up a Fence

Security fences can work well for both residential and commercial properties and come in different sizes and styles. Post and cable fencing can work especially well for increasing your property’s security. Having a fence around your property can provide another obstacle that thieves, vandals, and other potentially dangerous intruders won’t be able to get past so easily. A fence could also make stealing items from your property almost impossible for thieves if they are forced to climb over the fence with no way of carrying the stolen goods.

Use Decal Decoys

HGTV.com suggests putting up security system decals around certain areas of your premises to let thieves know that your property is being protected by a security system. These decal decoys may be enough to scare off would-be intruders from trespassing on your grounds or trying to break into your building. Even if your home or business doesn’t have a security system, putting up these decoys to fool potential trespassers may be enough to safeguard your premises.

Trim Bushes and Shrubs

Simply trimming your bushes and shrubs can make your grounds safer. Intruders who come onto your property may be more difficult to see if your bushes and shrubs are overgrown. The overgrowth may also offer dangerous individuals places to hide and wait until the time is right to strike. Overgrown bushes and shrubs may additionally provide places for dangerous pests to hide and nest. Plus, untrimmed bushes and shrubs can be a telltale sign that no one is at your home or business if your property has been vacant for a while.

Replace Old Locks

Old locks that are easy to pick or break can leave your building especially vulnerable to break-ins. Replacing your old locks with new, state-of-the-art locks can make your building nearly impossible to access by unauthorized persons. Smart locks often work especially well at thwarting intruders, and many of these types of locks are programmed to lock behind themselves automatically so that you won’t have to worry about anyone forgetting to lock a door.

Make Break-ins Noisier

Intruders usually like to be as quiet as possible when breaking into a building, and you can blow their cover by installing devices that will emit loud, startling sounds when an unauthorized person tries to enter. Bells that are placed above doorways that ring each time someone opens a door may be enough to spook intruders. Some devices can be installed on doors and windows and blare loud noises that sound like sirens when a door or window is opened, and these devices can work especially well if you don’t have an alarm system but want to give off the impression that you do.

Install Window Stops

Window stops are made to prevent windows from opening more than a certain amount (usually six inches). Having these window stops installed in the windows of your home or business can keep outsiders from opening your windows enough to access your building. These window stops will allow you to have greater peace of mind if you choose to leave your windows open part of the way at night to let in cool air. Window stops can also be beneficial if you have young children and are worried about them falling through open windows.

You don’t always have to undergo a lot of complicated changes just to make your property safer. By taking these easy measures, you can make your property a securer place that gives all authorized persons extra peace of mind.

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