6 Ways to Style Your Guest’s Room Before Their Arrival


6 Ways to Style Your Guest’s Room Before Their Arrival

There’s one room in your home that generally gets overlooked during renovation and that is your guest room. The poor room gets your TLC when some guests are going to arrive. Time and mood are the only hindrances to do that, and we understand that. But if you’re planning to have a friends-meet or your relatives get together, then you need some design. Here are six ways to style your guest’s rooms before their arrival.

1.    Declutter and Clean The Room:

The very first thing your guests will ponder is how clean your home is, then how clean is the guest’s room. The clean and cluttered bedroom with eye-catchy accessories sprinkled in it will lure them, for sure. If not sure how to make it a funnier task, then check this:

Kick Start By Planning: Plan whether you want to begin with walls or floors, or closets. Make a checklist of it and then begin; it will help you clean every part of the room.

Put your favourite music: Of course, we care about your mood, so this is the perfect way to enjoy cleaning.

Include Your Family Members: It is a perfect way to spend time with your family and simultaneously decluttering the space for your guests.

Guest’s Room

2.   Deck Up With The Furniture Pieces:

Furniture is a must-have feature for any guest room. We aren’t only talking about bed, even dressing tables, and wardrobe is a must. Furthermore, the addition of the sofa will be appreciated more. So, bear in mind the below pointers.

Bed: It will give your guests a sound sleep, so consider providing a comfortable mattress with clean linens. Decorate it with colourful pillows but remember, they shouldn’t be too old or lumpy.

Dresser With Mirror: It will render your guests a quick dress-up for the occasional meet-up. They will also be able to store their precious make-up belongings in front of their eyes.

Comfy Chair or Bean Bag: Well, the choice is yours. All you can do is, consider the type of your guests as the main factor.

3.   Layer Lighting To Create Cosiness:

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to creating a cosy and welcoming space. It can either make or break the environment inside the room. So, consider layering it with a greater depth and emotion; here are a few ways:

Mini-chandeliers or pendant lighting: Once you have an idea about the interior’s style, select either mini-chandeliers or pendant lights as overhead lighting.

Table Lamps: Instead of suspended lighting, you can place table lamps for a cosier feeling. Gold, tan, or coloured one will be the best shade.

Candlestick Lamps: They gel up well on a dresser, and thus you can style them there.

Floor Lamps: To mirror light onto the ceiling, you can use a torchiere. Even you can head on for direct lighting floor lamps if the room has a small gallery.

4.   Keep The Essentials Handy:

The comfortability of the guests is always on the mind of the host. So, to fulfil the same, you should keep the essentials handy. Here are some of them:

·       Soap; though many carries with them as per their preferences

·       Comb; keep an unused one as none likes to comb their hair with the used comb

·       Toothpaste; it shows how much you care for them

·       Interesting Magazines or Books; just for their better experience

·       Mirror; it adds the freedom to use the room the way they want

·       Toiletries; an add-on to make your guests feel at home

All of these will make the room look simply finished, helping your guests to enjoy their holidays with you.

5.   Décor The Room:

As said earlier, your guest room needs attention just like other boxes of your house. So, ensure to leave no complaints about decoration. After all, it will help you, show-off, in front of your guests about your creativity and beautiful house. So, experiment by

·       Adding soft and colourful pillows, only if the background is white or in neutral colours.

·       Placing beautiful drapes on your windows

·       Putting antique pieces or collectibles for décor purposes

·       Including planters for air circulation

6.   Create Extra Comfort:

·       Check the air conditioning systems of the guest room for summers. Follow air conditioning maintenance tips; also keep a small oscillating fan for them. Conversely, for winters, a small and operatable ceramic heater is adequate.

·       Store some extra pillows, cushions, and blankets in the closets for added protection.

·       If you can spend more, then including a coffee machine along with a few packets of tea bags and coffee will be just perfect. But do remember to keep mugs and teacups.

·       Trash cans beside the dresser, side-table, or bed will help them accommodate well.

We’ve got you covered with the ways of styling your guest’s room for your beloved ones. Depending upon your budget and time, you may need to prioritise and cut them into stages. When you set your heart on this project, we are sure it won’t go unnoticed.

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