6 Ways to Protect Your Home during a Storm

6 Ways to Protect Your Home during a Storm

If you live in Florida, you may be well aware of the stormy season. Your home needs proper protection to fight hailstorms, force winds, and flying debris. While you take stern measures to keep your home ready to fight the storm, it is good to know more about safeguarding your home to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Read on to know five ways that can help you avoid the extra cost to make your home storm-ready as you enjoy your time settling in.

Trim The Trees

During the stormy season, you should examine the trees in your yard and cut off large branches that can damage your home’s siding or car. They can even topple power lines, which can cause a power outage. For the best possible solution, check the length of the branches alongside other trees around your house. If you see a tree with a loose connection with the branches, it is best to saw it off before it causes damage to your home.

Invest in Storm Shutters

When considering storm protection in South Florida, it is wise to install storm shutters and impact doors. Hurricanes and storms may occur at any time of the day, leaving your home vulnerable to rainstorms and force winds. Due to a heavy storm, your windows are prone to severe damage, as turbulent winds give no time in destructing your property. To safeguard your home against such threats, invest in storm shutters so that you have all the precautionary measures in place and you add an extra layer of protection to your home.

Consider Standby Power

If you live in an area where the storm impact is heavy, it is recommended to purchase a power generator. During the storm, electricity lines become vulnerable to heavy winds and unexpected rains. Besides, lightning strikes can damage transformers, causing long power outages. To avoid the last-minute legwork, invest in storm protection devices, including power backup. It will help you make sufficient adjustments in the case of long-term power outages.

Clear Unwanted Outdoor Items

If the storm is heading your way, remove all the lawn furniture, sporting equipment, and gardening tools and store them in a safe place. There’s a chance that high winds can pick up these items and send them flying through your window. Your property can be damaged, and you could risk your health as well. Storing away your outdoor item can protect your and your neighbor’s home also.

Consider Flood Protection

The stormy season brings along heavy rains and hailstorms. Your area is likely to become prone to heavy flooding, causing havoc on homes. With proper floodproofing, you can control the damage. Consider dry floodproofing your home – you can do so by making your home’s foundation watertight using concrete. You can also consider wet floodproofing, which means modifying your home areas, such as crawlspace and basement. It will allow floodwaters to enter and exit your home.

If you’re planning to install storm-protection devices, Property Solutions can help. Their expert team of technicians can help you install storm shutters and impact doors easily and help you through repair and maintenance tasks.

Flood-Proof Your Home

Heavy rainstorms can cause flooding, which may potentially wreak havoc on homes. The water damage can devalue a house and cause significant problems with the inspiration. Consistent with Western land, if a 2,000 square-foot home gets even six inches of floodwater in it, this will cause approximately $40,000 in damage. If you reside in areas with a high probability of flooding, there might an opportunity your homeowners insurance doesn't cover the repairs. Regardless of where you reside though, nobody wants to affect water in their home. Dry flood-proofing the house by making the inspiration watertight with concrete, or consider wet flood-proofing the house by making the required changes to permit floodwater to enter the house to attenuate the damage.

To Conclusion

When you are trying to find the foremost economical thanks to protecting your home or business from a storm, hurricane panels are the solution. The solutions that we offer on protecting your home or business from hurricane winds are professional, durable, competitively priced and real time tested. Our Storm Panels are light and are certified to impact immune to category 5+ storm winds. The very best certification within the country!

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