Need Celebs-like Look? These 10 Makeup Ideas Will Help You Do So!


Need Celebs-like Look? These 10 Makeup Ideas Will Help You Do So!

There are so many things that women like – food, dresses, presents; but what tops the list? The makeup! On every occasion and holidays (except Halloween, of course), we wear makeup and desire to get the celebs-like look. In this journey, many have failed; do you agree?

Taking inspiration from top celebrities, we have made a list of 10 makeup ideas (or say looks) that will enhance your features.

1.   Angelina Jolie’s Elegant Eye Makeup:

Angelina Jolie’s elegant eye makeup

She is popularly known for her cat-eye makeup look and tends to keep her makeup simple yet elegant. When you see her in Red Carpet, she’ll always sport dark lip colours. All you need to do is apply a matte finish brown eyeshadow, make it a part of the eyelid too. Fix false eyelashes and apply eyeliner in an angular position. Lips – add any dark colour to it.

2.  Jasmine Tookes Embracing Highlighter:

Jasmine Tookes embracing highlighter

She’s one of the actresses who loves experimenting with makeup. Out of her all the experiments, her all-over glow will help you achieve the supermodel-like look. By the way, who says that highlighter is only for your face. If you wear an off-shoulder dress, use a shimmery body highlighter and blend along with your shoulders and chest for the final glam.

3.  Emma Watson’s thin eyeliner:

Emma Watson’s thin eyeliner

Well, she needs no introduction; the beauty with brains actress has made us fall in love at first sight itself (as little Hermione Granger). When it comes to makeup, she believes in going for a simple and natural look.  Amongst all, the thin and narrow eyeliner adds charm, and eyelashes complete her look. You can get this look by applying cream eyeliner with a thin brush. Plus, warm your lips with nude shade to make them look simply beautiful.

4.  Priyanka Chopra’s High-Shine Look:

Priyanka Chopra’s High-Shine Look

From easy-breezy casual looks to modern makeup on the red carpet, Priyanka Chopra gives her fans magical beauty goals. Likewise, she made black and grey shadows look harmonious on her warm skin tone at the Academy Awards in 2019. So, if you’re planning to stand tall in a black gown, make a darker eye shadow with pink lips and light highlighter.

5.  Joan Smalls Goes With Nude Lip:

Joan Smalls Goes With Nude Lip

From major fashion and beauty campaigns to runways, Joan Smalls has graced the hearts of many. Her holy-grail aesthetic is her voluminous lip, where she uses nude lipstick. All you want to do is pair nude lipstick with soft blush, slight jawline contour, and a smokey eye to get a finished look.

6.  Zoë Kravitz Cat-Eye Look:

Zoë Kravitz Cat-Eye Look

It is a fact that ZoëKravitz is a queen of no-makeup. Still, a woman who cannot apply eyeliner on its own adores the other person (like Zoe) who steps out regularly with perfectly precise feline flicks. For her red-carpet look, she looked stunning with her signature cat-eye look teamed up with soft pink eye shadow and lipstick.

7.  Deepika Padukone’s Velvet Move:

Deepika Padukone’s Velvet Move

When you look at this actress, she immediately captivates everyone’s eyes by her beauty (also by her acting, though!). For casual days, she usually goes for earthy tones, which makes her look breath-taking. You can also opt for a luxurious look with earthy tones in satin finishes. Spread sheer metallic brown eyeshadow on your lids, smudge them, then highlight your skin with a gold-toned highlighter. Groom your brows and swipe nude lipstick with a creamy finish.

8. Emily Ratajkowski’s On-Point Makeup:

Emily Ratajkowski’s On-Point Makeup

Whether it is a decent casual look or royal party makeup, Emily leaves no stone unturned to make her fans go crazy. When you look at her bold cat-eye look, you’ll forget a subtle flick. You can even dress up by lining your bottom and top eyelashes with an inky liner. Then layer on the mascara for an awe-inspiring look.

9.  Kim Kardashian’s Nude Tone Look:

Kim Kardashian’s Nude Tone Look

All these years, Kim Kardashian has revolutionised the way we look glam. You can get a skin-like foundation for yourself, use a slightly deeper shade of concealer under the rest of your eye and get an ombre-like tone under the eye. Lastly, pack on the layers with volumising mascara for some low-key drama.

10.               Zendaya’s Stunning Pink Eyeshadow:

Zendaya’s Stunning Pink Eyeshadow

The one secret of Zendaya may shock you – she does her makeup. The Disney Channel star, who has grown as a style icon, does amazing eyeshadow, lip, eyeliner, and so on. Amongst all, her pink eyeshadow grabbed eyes. So, if you want effortless makeup, then go for a softer rose hue and blend the shade below your lash line. After that, tap in bright fuchsia with light brown lipstick.

Final look!

Now that you have got a range of options to get a celebs-like look, are you excited for this winter festivities? No, you have not yet decided on your outfit? Well, in that case, check out these cool festive outfit ideas and complete your shopping. Go, channel your inner actress and stun everyone with your looks!

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