Is Being an Electrician a Good Career Option? Let’s Find Out


Is Being an Electrician a Good Career Option? Let’s Find Out

Being an electrician can be a lucrative career option for multiple reasons. First of all, this is among those fields where entering is pretty easier than most other job sectors since you don’t need more than a diploma from high school to start as an apprentice. All you need to be a successful electrician is experience and knowledge about electrical circuits. Additionally, an electrician typically earns a better package than others with a similar education level. Many experts predict that this particular job sector will see higher than average growth in the coming years.


However, probably the most important benefit of working as a professional electrician is it’s virtually recession-proof. You can expect to be still employed and earn sufficiently even in tough days when economic growth is slower, and others are receiving pink slips, provided you are a qualified electrician and love your job. Here we are going to tell you some lesser-known benefits that would definitely intrigue you into thinking of choosing your career as an electrician.

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Why Should You Opt For Being An Electrician As A Career Option?

Tremendous Growth Prospect

As per a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected growth rate of 20 percent within a ten years period (2012 to 22) in the total available number of jobs for qualified electricians. What that means is the number of electricians will grow from 600,000 to 700,000, creating more or less 100,000 plus new jobs within the end of 2022 (numbers given here are in round figures).

This further indicates that opportunities for professional electricians will be almost double compared to the 11 percent job growth rate in all other sectors combined. Therefore it’s pretty straightforward to understand why electricians will enjoy a better career opportunity in terms of factors like job availability, better pay package, stability, etc.

Better Salary

Being an electrician, you will have more chance to get a fatter pay package than other employees. According to a 2012 report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of an electrician was 50K yearly, which is 43 percent more than other workers. Workers in the construction field usually receive a higher wage on average than others, and electricians even surpass them by 28 percent. It is also important to mention that the most qualified and experienced top electricians earned more than 80k in that same year, which is pretty amazing.

Earn While You Are Still Learning

Learning while you work is a great way to have expertise in this field.  Moreover, during your apprenticeship, you are going to learn and get trained under experienced and veteran electricians, which can last around four years. In such programs, one will go through detailed theoretical classroom sessions as well as hands-on practical training of 2000 hours. Also, you can choose to work full-time basis during your apprenticeship period.

Fixed Work Hours Without Any Surprises

The friends of yours who are doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals usually bound to pull all-nighters frequently, and they don’t enjoy any fixed weekend off. This can be said for most other sectors where employees have less freedom of fixing their own work hours and that can have negative impacts on their professional as well as personal life. On the other hand, most electricians usually work by a regular weekday schedule and enjoy their weekend vacations without any extra work pressure, allowing them to balance their work vs. personal life effortlessly. However, a small number of electricians offer emergency services and stay available even in odd hours.


If electrical gadgets and their working mechanisms fascinate you and therefore you want to take this hobby of messing with electrical lines as a full-time occupation, you are not going to regret your decision most likely. As we explained, this profession is better than other career options in most aspects, and it can be rewarding for those who have what it takes to be an expert electrician.

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