Read About The Top Ways Of Air Pollution Control


Read About The Top Ways Of Air Pollution Control

In the complex world, hazardous chemicals are present in everything we purchase. The idea of reducing air pollution is not that easy for imagination. Air quality is a cause of many health issues asthma, to global warming. Turning a blind eye to the air pollution problem not risk not only our health but also the planet's health. The rising level of air pollution is the root cause of many health problems, and hence it is important to take some measures to keep a check on the rising level of pollution.

The Root Cause Of Pollution


According to the EPA, there are six major contributors to air pollution in the US; these are mainly ground-level ozone, sulphur dioxide, lead, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. These gases are emitted from various sources, and most of these come from the products that we use in our daily lives. While we cannot stop using some of these products, we can keep a check on the intensity of use. It will help in keeping the pollution level in control. Here are a few of the ways to achieve the desired result.  


  • Reduce The Use of Automobiles

Automobiles can do just more than to contribute to the ground ozone. Gasoline requires coal burning, which can even increase the six leading causes of air pollution. According to the EPA, petroleum is the top producer of sulphur dioxides, and it means that the more time is spent behind the steering wheel, the more air pollution to breathe. It might not be possible to eliminate the usage of automobiles, but we can surely limit the use by opting for public conveyance, or we can opt for EVs. The latter is a popular choice, and a good way to keep air pollution in control


  • Plant More

Plants play a huge role in air pollution control. NASA has recently discovered many household plants such as peace lily, English Ivy, and Gerbera Daisy is some instrumental for removing carbon monoxide. They operate like the human liver. These plants mainly filter the dangerous chemicals and compounds from the air, absorb toxins through the tiny pores in leaves, and digest the pollution through stems and roots through the soil. Using these types of natural filters in the office or home will reduce an incredible amount of air pollution.


  • Go Solar

The electricity might seem to be a green way to heat the home, but VOCs are being generated by the utility plants amongst the highest manufacturing forms. The nitrogen oxides are the products of the electrical utilities. They are combining the two, which can lean up to the deadly increases in the ozone's ground level. The companies can produce extremely more sulphur dioxides than the petroleum plants and other operating plants' resources to make the electric utilities a less choice. Going solar will help to air pollution control. 


Go Solar

  • Limit The Use of Electrical Appliances

Since there are lots of electrical plants that contribute both nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide and the burning coal and petroleum, which generates ground-level ozone and the sulphur and the gas-powered heating systems might raise the level of monoxide to dangerous levels. Put some other blanket in your bed during the wintertime. Simple changes will make a significant difference in air pollution controlAvoid using heating systems so that you can avoid a lot of chemicals. 




Always remember that little changes can make significant differences. Try to do something which can improve a little bit towards the earth. Good things which you will give to nature, nature will provide you back. Now you have known the methods of air pollution control. Apply to your life and make some changes. 

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