How to Choose a Cheap Linux Shared Hosting Service Provider?


How to Choose a Cheap Linux Shared Hosting Service Provider?

Linux shared hosting is more common nowadays than it ever used to be earlier. A business owner has a choice at going for either alternative, shared web hosting, or a dedicated, powerful server.

Linux Shared Hosting India is the overwhelmingly significant choice finalized upon by most businesses because their hosting requirements are simple. They go for a hosting account based on features such as allocated bandwidth and web space.

Linux Shared Hosting

When we consider the case of web servers, Linux is by far the most preferred operating system. All features that web designers expect to have are made available by Linux hosting.

While one’s website does not need any particular applications over the Windows platform, Linux is the right option to go ahead with.

Let us take a look at what shared hosting is. It refers to multiple websites connected to the Internet over a single server. While being inexpensive, shared web hosting is also the easiest way of hosting. The cost of maintenance is distributed among several customers in this case.

Two broad classifications of shared hosting are name-based and IP-based. An additional type of hosting is also available, which is a mixture of name-based and IP-based. This is subject to the control panel.

Features of Linux Shared Hosting that a Good Hosting Provider Should Provide

1. Website Transfer

It may be possible that when you center down upon the best Linux shared hosting provider, you are using the services of another hosting provider. In such circumstances, a business owner should have sufficient provisions to transfer his website from the existing hosting provider to the new. The new hosting provider should make these provisions available. In some cases, hosting providers make services available for a free transfer of the website from the prior hosting provider to their hosting services.

2. Auto Installation of Web Application

If the cheap Linux shared hosting provider enables auto installation web applications, it saves hassle for a business and they are empowered to keep the focus on their applications. Introducing a live WordPress site should not take over a few minutes.

3. Control Panel

Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel is best known as cPanel. As a powerful apparatus, it simplifies the entire administration of your shared hosting account.

A hosting provider should henceforth make free cPanel available with all hosting bundles. This should accompany other important server-side devices and administrations.

4. Free Website Builder

The RV Site builder is browser-based site building programming. It is a part of Linux cPanel hosting. Among the top features of RV site builder are powerful site administration, online networking modules, and simple-to-take after work processes.

Correspondingly, even an individual with no prior experience in web development can plan a site page and create a live, responsive site.

5. Great Support

A shared Linux hosting provider should provide great support to its clients, and should be a high performer in terms of support. This ensures that client websites do not have to put up with any downtimes and the business and leads keep coming through the day.

It is preferable if the support is made available 24/7/365, over email, chat, and phone. They should be able to come up with all major or minor issues that the clients are facing with the operation of their website.

6. POP3/IMAP Email Accounts

If a shared hosting account comes along with free POP3 email accounts, access to experts is simplified.

7. Best in the Class Hosting Packages

For the success of a website, hosting is indispensable because even while a website is nicely created, it is available over the internet only after it is hosted.

For the same, taking the services of a hosting provider is indispensable. A hosting provider will allow you to use a portion of the server, such that your website is visible over the internet.

Linux hosting companies make different kinds of hosting packages available for their customers. Linux shared hosting India is however the most popular among the packages made available. They are inexpensive, as the cost for hosting is shared among different website owners.

8. Affordability

Affordability is an important metric that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best suited Linux shared hosting plans for one’s website. While the plans should make all requisite features available for hosting a website, they should do so in a cost-effective way.

9. Security

A shared hosting provider should be vigilant over all matters pertaining to security. This ensures that a customer’s website stays secure against all network and cyber threats, such as hacking, attacks, and hardware malfunctions.

Meeting these parameters is simplified when servers are kept under strict control. Only the concerned team should be allowed to access the servers.

Several layers of protection, which should ideally be in place ensures a high degree of protection for servers. Other important features that matter in this regard include real-time monitoring and timely backup of website data.

10. Simple Hosting Processes for the Customer

Linux shared hosting provider should ensure that his customer can have his website hosted by following simple steps, and the degree of complexity involved should be low.

They should further make advice available for letting a customer decide upon the best suited hosting plan for their requirements.

11. Easy to Set up an Account

Ideally, the hosting account should set up as soon as a customer buys hosting from the Linux shared hosting provider. Account information is shared over email by most Linux shared hosting providers.

12. Freedom to Shift to the Best-Suited Plan

Ideally, Linux shared hosting providers should provide their customers the liberty to upgrade to the best-suited plan. This allows a customer to see the features that work the best for them, and upgrade accordingly after they start with a basic plan.

The procedure for upgrading to a new plan should be simple and easy.

13. Resources for Varied Websites

When a Linux shared hosting provider hosts different kinds of websites, small, static, dynamic, or enterprise-grade, it comes across as technically sound and reliable. They should have suitable plans available for different kinds of websites, which should be easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

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