Branding Tactics: 7 Ways To Go When On A Budget


Branding Tactics: 7 Ways To Go When On A Budget

So you’ve just launched your business and now thinking “Okay, what should I do next?” When you’re ready with all the inventory and everything, it’s time that you market your business. You let people know “Hey look here, I have something really amazing for you guys.” Do it in a stunning and unique way so people could actually be convinced to buy your services or products. But is it that simple? Isn’t it hard to do? Doesn’t it take a lot of money? Yes, it’s not an easy and straightforward task, and it can be very expensive as well. However, if you follow some ways that I’m going to tell you about, you won’t need to break your bank to build and grow your business. So let’s get started!

1.   Plan Your Audience Carefully

The most important part of any business is the customer. If there are customers, this means that there are people who are interested in buying things from you and help you generate revenue which will keep your business going. But if there are no customers, then sadly, you cannot prosper. Then you will soon lose your business. And the most important thing that people forget to do or simply ignore is to create a proper plan for choosing the audience. You need to choose what type of people will you target. Write down the gender, the age bracket, the areas they belong to, their interests, hobbies, etc. When all of these factors are decided, this is when you know that you’ve just created your targeted audience.

2.  Show Your Brand’s Identity and Be Its Voice

Once a brand is planned, the next step is to market it, right? But here’s the problem: many people start branding their businesses without having proper knowledge of brand identity and brand voice. Because of this, the results can be devastating. This is why I want you to know exactly what brand voice and identity are. Basically, you need to carefully decide what type of identity and voice should your brand has. The value that your company represents, the way you want people to think about your business, the way people should talk about your brand, etc. - Answer all these questions and then you will know in what tone you should market your business. Choose your words and tone accordingly and then the resulting voice and identity of your brand will be cherished the most and considered professional and consistent.

3.  Let Your Brand Appear On Social Media


Let Your Brand Appear On Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the best, easiest, and lowest-cost ways of advertisement. I think you should give it a shot if you are low on budget but still want to take your business to the next level. Since you’re done building your brand voice and identity, it’s time you use that voice and let people know through social media. Research which sites or applications does your targeted audience use the most like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Once you know this, start creating content for your branding and publish it on those platforms. Make sure that you mainly focus on the one platform that your targeted audience uses the most. But this doesn’t mean that you should miss other platforms because who knows what works for you.

4.  Your Customer Service Should Be Amazing

The way you deal with your customers will have a huge impact on your customers and of course, your business. Customers are an important asset of your business and you have to do anything in power to keep them intact with your business. For this, make sure that you offer really good customer service. You see, many people don’t feel confident and comfortable while talking to customer service which is why the sales can go down. But it is the job of the customer representative to talk to the person-in-concern in the best possible way so they could feel confident and comfortable while having a conversation with the representative. When this happens, people will leave reviews and others will actually become interested in your business.

5.  Start Writing

Content is the fuel of digital marketing, did you know that? If there’s no content whether on the internet or physically, then consider your brand flop. The more there’s relevant text on your website, print media, or anywhere else, the better it is for your business. Make sure that the text or content you write for your business makes perfect sense. Blogging is a great way to boost your audience because you know, people love to read small blogs about something interesting. You can start a blog and write about your business and relevant things like problems that your business solves, and so on. This writing can eventually help you get the results you’re searching for.

6.  Don’t Ignore The Marketing Power Of Packaging

Some entrepreneurs do not know the importance of having the packaging of their particular business. They think it’s just a packaging box, it does nothing but kinda protect the product inside. But of course, that’s not true. The packaging gives attractiveness to the product so people could be appealed to them easily. There’s a lot of physical and environmental threats to the products, which is why the packaging protects the products. Because of the amazingness of the packaging, it markets the product and the brand all by itself. There’s no option for business survival without the use of packaging. If you have products to sell, then call Dawn Printing because these guys can help you get suitable custom packaging for your products.

7.  Collaborate With A Similar Business

Since it’s a matter of low budget, we will do something that will cost you the least but will definitely help you grow your business. Now, what’s that? Find a competitor that you think is around your business level. Build relationships with that competitor and then pitch your idea of collaboration. Collaboration with another business will not only help your business to grow but also help the other one grow as well. Also, the budget will be divided and I’m sure that things will go pretty neat and awesome if you take the right steps of collaborating with another business.


Building and promoting your business can be a serious headache but it’s not impossible. You just have to give your attention, time, patience, dedication, and passion to it, and then things will work for you. But remember that there’s no such thing as “overnight success”. Keep on doing the things I mentioned above especially the thing about improving your customer support and using packaging from Dawn Printing since these will have a huge impact on your brand.

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