4 Factors To Consider While Selecting Granite Benchtops For Your Kitchen


4 Factors To Consider While Selecting Granite Benchtops For Your Kitchen

Any kitchen is incomplete without a perfect benchtop, and you cannot overlook it. Whether you are redesigning your kitchen or adding some more features, you also have to consider your kitchen benchtop. There are innumerable kinds of countertops available in the market, including granite, stone, wooden, fiber, etc. What do you think about granite benchtops? Granite is one of the hardest and most sustainable materials used in making kitchen benchtops, cabinets, and other accessories. Today, in this article, we will discuss the factors to consider while choosing granite countertops for your kitchen. So, without further ado, let’s help you get the finest granite benchtops for your kitchen.

#1. Size of Your Kitchen

What type of kitchen you have? Is it small or large? Whatever countertop you select, consider the size of your kitchen. The size of your kitchen will determine the pattern and shape of the granite slab. You might be familiar with different types and patterns of granite slabs. If you want to make your small kitchen look spacious, opt for Giallo Ornamental. For large kitchens, it is advisable to experiment with different colors and patterns. For instance, if your kitchen interiors have a darker shade, you can opt for dark granite slabs with veins pattern.

Granite benchtops are more suitable for larger kitchens. Experimenting with multiple colors and patterns makes the selection process more interesting. The best granite patterns for countertops are solid, marble, and speckled. You can even search for more patterns on the internet or take some suggestions from the kitchen designer.

#2. The lighting of Your Kitchen

No matter what countertop you select, dim lighting can ruin the characteristics of any kitchen. You should also consider the lighting of your kitchen while selecting the benchtop. If your kitchen is blessed with natural sunlight, then darker colors like navy blue, black, etc will be the better options.

If your kitchen is unlucky and natural sunlight doesn’t penetrate, go for bright colors like white, champagne, gold, etc. You can even install some pendant lights to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. However, whether or night natural sunlight penetrates in your kitchen, consider the opportunities of adding pendant lights.

#3. Countertop Edge

Countertop edges are often overlooked by most buyers while purchasing granite benchtops. As you step into the market, you’ll find countertops varying in colors, edges, and patterns. Never choose an edge that makes your countertop less functional and more practical. Ensure that you opt for beveled edges to give a modern look to your kitchen.

#4. Countertop Finishing

Finishing of your granite benchtops is also an important consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked by the buyers. Countertops of granite are available in multiple finishes, and it’s difficult to select the best one for your kitchen. For instance, you’ll get countertops with a polished finish that gives a glossy and mirror-like look that enhances the intensity of your granite color. The best part of a polished finish is the surface of your countertop becomes smooth and easy to clean.

Honed finishing is also good if you are looking for granite benchtops at reasonable prices. This finishing is comparatively better than the polished one. However, honed finishing is prone to stains and not easy to clean. You can also try alternative options once you step into the market.

Final Wrap-Up

Granite benchtops are pricey but worth spending every penny on them. Considering all these factors, you can get the best countertops of granite for your kitchen. One last piece of advice selects countertops that always give a warmer appearance to your kitchen.

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