The Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

A carpet cleaning service can help you make your carpet look new and durable. Carpets are the most popular fur cover in homes and should last for a decade or more if properly cared for (part of this carpet care is regular cleaning through a carpet cleaning service is included).

The main reason for professional cleaning service is that even if you empty your carpet regularly, you will not come across the dirt that melts into fibers. This dirt is a nuisance because it can damage the base of the fibers in your carpet and cause premature wear and tear over time. Even the most powerful residential vacuum can reach dirt just below the surface.

Professional carpet steam cleaning for your carpet twice or at least once a year will remove this deep-seated dirt and assist you avoid damage to the fibers. Steam cleaning can exclude this dirt through a mixture of heat and strong vacuuming. The heat of the steam breaks down the adhesives and helps to loosen the dirt, which makes them stick to the fibers.

Once this adhesive is neutralized, it can be pulled out of the fibers by a powerful vacuum. The residential carpet cleaning services will typically use a steam cleaning machine that combines steam use and vacuuming in one step and makes your carpets look new.

Most of these companies can help you with pet odor removal and cleaning upholstery as well as other features like delicate oriental carpet cleaning. Often you can get a better price if you have some of these services. To keep your carpets in the best shape, schedule a professional cleaning at least once a year with a carpet cleaning service in your area.

The difference between steam cleaning vs. dry cleaning

There has always been a great deal of debate about which cleaning method is best for your carpet, steam cleaning, or dry cleaning. In the carpet cleaning industry, I have worked for dry and steam cleaning companies, exposing both sides of the fence.

Shaw Industries is the world's largest carpet maker, and if you visit the site there, they recommend steaming your carpet. As far as concerned, that settles the debate. Because they have to respect the warrant, they want consumers to follow these instructions to minimize damages.

Do you think they would recommend steam cleaning if they thought that dry cleaning would reduce the number of claims? Steam cleaning has got a bad press, which started in the '70s when steam cleaning was being developed in just one cleaning method.

At that time carpet machines were not very efficient, they kept the carpets wet for 24 hours or more. Dry cleaning companies used it as a selling point for their services. Times have changed considerably, steam purifiers that are mounted in vans produce very hot water and are very effective in retrieving water, which dries the carpet in 4 hours.

If carpet cleaners use an extra dry stroke during cleaning, the drying time can easily be reduced to less than two hours, and with new extractors, the drying time can be even shorter. So, how do dry cleaning companies sell their services now? Fearing the customer's grief the next day, he did the same in the '70s.

That's just not true! The fact of the matter is, sometimes steam cleaning can dry out before dry cleaning! Dry cleaning is inferior to steam cleaning in every respect. It does a poor job of removing dirt and it leaves chemicals in the carpet that can turn yellow due to high ph.

What carpet cleaner’s think about customers?

They think more and more consumers should be aware of the facts when it comes to carpet cleaning and not let the hype control their decisions. If more dry cleaning customers have steam-cleaned their carpets, chances are, they will never lag behind.

Steam cleaning is often described as the most complete, environmentally friendly way to remove ingrown grease, dirt, and stains. This can have a profound effect on many surfaces around the home and workplace, as discovered by the new owner of a largely neglected small hotel. The hotel was purchased with furniture, carpets, and other soft furnishings, but on the first inspection, it seemed that most of it had been neglected and could all be replaced.

Tiles and grouting in some washrooms and bathrooms were showing signs of mold growth. The carpets were stained with various spills, and the curtains and other soft furnishings were showing their age. In a situation where profit margins were high, the new owner decided to look at what could be achieved with a complete commercial cleanup before getting rid of everything in the building.

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