Seven Style Game-Changers That Will Elevate Your Look


Seven Style Game-Changers That Will Elevate Your Look

Have you been looking for a little spice in your style?

Do you feel that you have lost your fashionista spark after the lockdowns?

Are you in need of a few tips to change your style game?

If you have answered positively to any of these questions, then indeed, this article is the right read for you.

Your style is a personal choice that depends on factors best known to you. It cannot be defined by a stereotypical approach, and neither can it fit into the one-size-fits-all bracket.

This is a significant reason why, despite gathering a ton of tips and tricks from every fashion blog, it is possible to still see your style fall flat to the ground.

The key to having a good sense of fashion and style is driven by the ability to elevate some of the most boring pieces lying at the back of your closet.

From tying a belt on an oversized shirt to cropping old jackets, each technique revolves around experimentation in a zone you find comfortable. We believe that comfort is the foundation of style.

We are not the team of Miranda Priestly, nor have we have graduated from fashion school. We may not be able to replicate the styles zooming on the fashion weeks of Paris and Milan but have the experience of analyzing style in its essence.

In order to help our readers revamp their style, we have curated a list of game-changing advice that can boost your style quotient above and beyond your expectations.

Whether you are looking for a fancy option for an official event or a casual outfit for Sunday brunch, these simple tips will help you win at each event!

Dress To Feel Good

The best way to polish your style is to choose pieces that bring you comfort. This means that you should look out for outfit ideas that help you feel confident about yourself and your body. Staying uncomfortable in a floaty skirt and silk blouse would make you look like a clumsy klutz, but if you turn your comfy leather jacket with hood into the top layer of your cotton shirt and a pair of well-cut jeans, you win!

Remember, it’s your feelings that matter the most!

Opt For Bold Colors

Wearing bolder colors is a technique sworn by style icons. From Victoria Beckham wearing neons on a Sunday to Kate Middleton dressing up in yellow daisies, each move by these icons has paved the way for bolder colors.

Choosing them helps you step out of your comfort zone one step at a time, enabling you to embrace your personal choices. The key is to gradually start adding bold pieces into your daily wear until you become comfortable wearing a fuchsia shift dress to work on a Monday!

Opt for bold colors

Choose Dainty Accessories

The potential of accessories is too significant to be limited to a few words. It is often noted that accessories can add a lot of charm to an ordinary outfit. You can use them to add a touch of elegance and a lot of sophistication to your style.

The key is to choose pieces that exude class and poise. You can opt for cut stones or solid golds for the formal looks and choose a few statement pieces for special events. That way, your accessories get to enjoy the sun and flashlights while they work their magic on your audience!

Pick Clothes That Fit You Well

Pick clothes that fit you well

When you stop wearing slouchy clothes, you already become the queen of style. This straightforward statement implies that the significance of the silhouette cannot be denied.

Wearing clothes that fit your body's contours like a glove helps you look more put together and empowers you with confidence that oozes off from every pore of your being. The lesson here is to always choose clothes that align with your body type and let you breathe in comfort. Your goal is to remain calm and collected in an outfit instead of going haywire, worrying about the seams and slits lining up in uncomfortable spots.

Mix and Match Your Pieces

By mix and match, we mean focusing on contrast. This can be practiced by alternating patterns and colors to form a subtle combination. Wearing a million gold accessories on a champagne slip dress would not seem as tasteful as wearing a black suit with vertical stripes.

When you choose to wear a champagne silk dress, it is better to opt for a few accessories to cut down the bling, whereas when you wear a striped suit, adding a plain shirt for contrast is cent percent a better option. Remember that contrast helps you balance out the look and gives oomph to your style.

Go Timeless Instead of Being Trendy

The best way to up your style game is to choose timeless outfits. From the classic white shirt and jeans to the vintage combination of skirts and stilettos, each of these looks points at the finesse of your sartorial choices. There is no harm in trying new trends, but it would not add as much value to your style as a timeless outfit at the end of the day.

Invest in Skin and Hair Care

Your skin and hair is the best accessory that you can use to be the best at your style game. By choosing healthy diets and staying hydrated, you replenish the nutrients to your body and make way for a new sense of confidence and style. Both of these elements are necessary to elevate your look because your skin and hair speak a lot about your personality than you would like to think!

Final Thoughts

Boosting your style does not mean going all out and purchasing a new wardrobe. Instead, it is all about uplifting the existing pieces and pairing them with the right accessories. The golden rule is to embrace yourself in all of your edges, curves, and imperfections like the John Legend song, and you shall see the results in a short time!

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