QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Updates Respond to New COVID Realities


QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Updates Respond to New COVID Realities

Due to the extended effect of COVID-19, the world is getting prepared to live with it as it has become the new reality for the time being. The new update of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 revolves around the theme of automation which is based on a high request from the users. As per Intuit, even with the pandemic going on, the QuickBooks Desktop usage is continuing at the same pace with the cloud hosting services and remote tools available.

The customer request has raised a lot for help with finding hosting solutions remotely. According to Rachna Arya, Product Manager of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, there have been a lot of calls that have come to the customer support on the particular subject and therefore they are looking for a more hybrid solution for the customers. In the meantime, for helping the users to install better and faster while moving locations some improvements are going on in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Key Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2021:

The features of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 would assist in saving time and boosting productivity. These are some of the relevant features that we can see optimizing the workflow of the businesses.

       Fast and improved importation of bank feeds: The bank feeds can be imported faster, and that too with automatically categorizing or batch-editing the bank transactions by payees, classes, and accounts.

       Automatic Expense Management: With the use of QuickBooks Desktop mobile application or a scanner, the users can automatically create the entries of receipt expenses in a categorized manner.

       Automate Statements: Based on the needs or tendencies of the different groups of customers, you can automate the recurring statements. This would help you save a lot of time every month.

       Customer Groups: With this option, users can create customer groups that are rule-based and are based on fields like balance, customer type, status, and location. With this, the users are more effective and the communication outreach is time-efficient.

       QuickBooks Desktop manager: From one management tool, the QuickBook Desktop manager helps the users to find and install all QuickBooks Desktop products.

       Tools Hub: The common errors and problems such as installation, network, file, and issues with the password can be solved with the tools within this troubleshooting hub.

       Email-attachment preview: Before mailing to the customers, the users can automatically preview the attachments even if there are multiple attachments.

       Batch delete for sales orders: This feature is exclusively for the QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants. They can manage the files of their clients with batch delete for sales orders.

       Customize payment receipts: The payment receipt can easily be formatted including the logos, for a professional, and also the consistent look across customer communications.

       Data Level Permissions: With this feature, the users can increase visibility, productivity, and delegation by granting different data level permissions for users based on the data, customers, and vendors they are responsible for. It is available for QuickBooks Platinum and Diamond users only.

       Advanced Inventory: Additional columns in key reports, barcode label prices, and improved landing cost calculations would help in comparing the alternative vendors. It is also available for QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum and Diamond only.

With the corona outbreak, there has been a large increase in the use of Quickbooks Capital and hence the fund loans for small and medium-sized businesses using QuickBooks. QuickBooks Capital funded $441 million in loans in the fiscal years, 2018, and 2019 combined whereas $683 million was funded alone in the fiscal year 2020.

QuickBooks is also encouraging clients to pick one of its QuickBooks Desktop Plus subscription offerings when buying a QuickBooks Desktop 2021 product. The subscription offers:

     The user gets the latest features, version, security patches, and compatibility with the latest third-party operating systems.

     With no additional charge, you get unlimited customer support ($299 annually).

     Using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile application, or scanner the subscription-exclusive features like automatic creation and categorization of receipt expense transactions can be used.

Wrapping Up

There is no need for any prepayment penalties, origination fee, or other hidden charges through QuickBooks Capital for accessing the business funding if you are a user of Quickbooks Desktop 2021. This software has got the option to apply for a loan right within QuickBooks. The customers are also being encouraged to select one of the subscriptions of QuickBooks Desktop Plus while buying the QuickBooks Desktop 2021.

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