It Chapter Two - About the film and Review


It Chapter Two - About the film and Review

it chapter 2 subtitles

2019, drama, melodrama, USA

About the film

In the second chapter of a romantic story based on the novels of Anna Todd, the main characters are all right. But one day Tessa learns unpleasant details from Hardin's past and begins to doubt how well she knows him. At the same time, the girl has a new fan, and her lover realizes all his mistakes. Then he decides to win this fight by all means.

Romance Director:

Roger Kumble


Selma Blair, Dylan Sprouse, Charlie Weber, Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin, Josephine Langford


Roger Kumble


Mario Celaya

Anna Todd



Frayed Pages Entertainment

other names

After 2

After: Depois

Review about film

The romantic adventures of the diligent American student Tessa and the British rebel Hardin continue. They will develop for at least 3 more films until they film all the novels of Anna Todd, the writer from Wattpad, whose fanfiction about the One Direction group became so popular that they began to live their own life and grew into a real film franchise. The precedent is far from the first, the same " 50 shades of gray " (grown from the fanfiction " Twilight") Had such a success with the public that no arguments from critics about the absurdity of the plot and meager dramatic attempts did not stop millions of people from going to the cinema. For the same reason, it makes no sense to analyze "it chapter 2 subtitles" from an artistic point of view, Wattpad drama is generally a separate topic for conversation, and you don't want to be angry with it, and you won't be able to take it seriously.

After the events of the first part, new tests await the Tessa / Hardin couple, the girl has a pretty boyfriend ( Dylan Sprouse, for a minute) and career prospects, the Briton has problems with alcohol due to a conflict with his father, preventing him from returning to normal life. Any sharp (and not so) angle poses a threat to their fragile, like a man's ego, relationships. In general, the plot consists of repetitive quarrels from scratch, languid reconciliation, and sex scenes in clothes (18+ but keep it, Christian). In endless throwing, the heroes spend almost two hours of screen time until they smash all the props against the walls and glue them back together.

This time, writer Anna Todd acted as the exclusive producer of the film and gained maximum control over the production. Perhaps because of this, the second part of the franchise came out even more awkward: events on the screen flicker with unbearable speed and it becomes difficult to follow the chain of events, and most importantly, to catch the emotional response of the characters themselves. Therefore, most often the reaction of the characters to the events that take place seems inadequate. It is surprising to find as many as five people on the list of writers, and after all, none of them thought to slow down the process and reflect on the endless number of logical holes into which Tessa and Hardin continually fall. These holes are so deep that even loyal fans will not pass by them, but any plot inconsistencies at the same time are very easy to ignore. distracted by the languid aspirations of Hardin or handsome heroes. It worked with "Shades", it will work with "After", as long as you don't grab your head.

The almighty Anna Todd does not try to explain why Tessa is so interested in the rest of the characters fighting for her attention, Todd answers all "why" "because". But the character of Tessa is the main "Joker trap" in the film. By and large, the heroine is devoid of any distinctive features, she is an empty vessel that the viewer fills with his own experiences, so it will be easy for anyone to associate himself with her. Hardin works as fuel here, masking Tessa's boringness with his rebellious kinks, technically Harry Styles(that is, the star) in the plot is he. But the only one who was able to give his character at least some personality, despite the poorly written dialogues, is Dylan Sprouse. The actor stands out against the background of his colleagues by the ability to improvise and generally understand what is happening.

Let's put aside from all the talk about unrealistic romantic expectations after watching such films and hide tears from strangers, with the existence of such films as "After" in any case, you just have to come to terms. They will always find their audience thanks to an uncomplicated plot and beautiful characters. As long as there is demand, there will be a non-professional writer from Watpadd who has a certain charm and writes novels at Dontsova's speed. If fanfiction exists, then somebody needs it.

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