How To Fix SSL Connection Security Certificate Error On Android [2020]


How To Fix SSL Connection Security Certificate Error On Android [2020]

If you use android devices, there is a likelihood that you have come across a browser message that depicts that your connection is not private. It could be very annoying receiving such a statement about SSL errors daily. It is a very confusing note since it appears even on the newest devices.


You don’t have to get scared if you find it. It is not such a big deal. You can handle and resolve the problem. Once you get the issue with the SSL certificate error message from your android gadgets, there are many ways that you can employ to fix the problem.


In this post, we have outlined some useful solutions that will help you fix the SSL error. If you try one and don't work, you should try the next until you get a successful method. Eventually, you will clear the warning and continue working without distraction.


Ways To Solve SSL Error From Your Android Device


Set The Correct Date and Time on Your Device


Although this seems like an easier and an obvious solution, it causes frequent errors since they have incorrect date and time to set. All you need to do is set an automatic date and time for your device. It will ensure they are correctly set always. That way, you will never experience an SSL error.


Reset Your Network Settings


Network the setting is another issue that might come between you and the website you are browsing. It is hard to tell the exact reason this happens. Therefore, resetting your network setting is a brilliant idea to curb the SSL error.


Antivirus App Deactivation


Having an antivirus app in your device is one of the reasons that cause the SSL error. It is so uncertain that this problem has got just one solution, which is temporal. All you need to do to solve this is to disable your antivirus when accessing your platform. It is important to note that it is not the best method since it leaves your device vulnerable to all the threats.


Visit Your Site in An Incognito Mode


If nothing is working for you, you should try this method. Although it is not something you could rely on entirely, you should open the website privately from your browser.


Change Wi-Fi Connection


A proxy between Google servers and your computer may be the leading cause of SSL error if you mainly use the public WI-FI. It decrypts and re-encrypts your data for inspection. That implies that the secure channel that comes from Google is ended on a server your device is talking to without your awareness.


Your router is likely to have been set up as such a proxy to cause SSL error. It may be done to monitor social media use through office computers to avoid leaking confidential information. 

Try to change the connections of your Wi-Fi on your device. You can achieve this by clearing the data and setting your device appropriately. If you are on public Wi-Fi, it could be insecure about causing this inconsistency. Get a private Wi-Fi and see whether this saves you from this error.


You can use another internet connection and try to connect to an SSL secured site. In case the SSL error goes away, you will know that the problem is with your phone internet setting or the internet connection you are using.


Clear Browsing Data


This may cause an SSL error when you are using an android device. So, to solve the problem, you will have to clear the cached data. Just go to your browser, and you will delete the cache without hassle. Are you using the Chrome browser? Open your chrome app. Tap on the three dots on the top corner of your left-hand side. You will find listings. Navigate your way to settings, and once there, tap on more. That will take you to another section where you will find the privacy option. Press on it and go to clear your browsing data. Ensure to set your time range. It's important to select all the data you would wish to delete. When you are satisfied, tap on the 'clear data' option, and all cached that will be cleared depending on what you selected. 


If you are done clearing the cached data, you can try and access your website one more. You will know that the SSL error was brought by the cached data in case it goes through. Does the SSL error still appear? You still got another option to clear it. 


Reset Your Android Factory Setting


You should only opt for this option if all the others have failed to resolve the SSL error. But before you do it, backup your data since it might all get lost. Resetting your phone factory setting will clear everything which renders your phone like a new one. Once you have done it, you can download all the apps and begin browsing.




The SSL error can be annoying. But it shouldn't give you a headache. You have many ways you can fix it. Any of the above options will help you fix SSL error. Don't go for the factory resetting unless others have all failed to resolve the SSL issue.

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