How Restaurants Are Pivoting During COVID


How Restaurants are Pivoting During Covid

Innovation happens when you most need it, which is happening across the world due to the pandemic. One industry that's finding ways to deal with COVID-19 is the restaurant business. The following are some things restaurants are doing to come out ahead.

Highlighting the Pandemic

One thing some restaurants are doing is highlighting the pandemic. They do this by creating menus that include names like Lockdown Breakfast or Social Distancing Dinners. Sometimes, these meals are bigger than normal or include something that restaurant owners know their clients might want like beer or wine.

You could make a joke regarding why folks need a little alcohol during these trying times. Some restaurant owners include antibacterial sprays, wipes, or other gifts like that. People know what's going on and might appreciate a restaurant that's showcasing how seriously they're taking this situation.

Digital Connection

Other restaurants are turning to technology rather quickly. Some restaurants are investing in rapid mobile app development to help them deal with the pandemic in different ways. For example, some restaurant owners are using apps to help customers place takeout orders.

Restaurants that are serving people at their restaurants are also using apps so that they do so safely. They are adding perks to their app like QR code readers that one could use to get the current menu. People don't want to touch menus that others might have touched, so allowing restaurant customers to read the menu on their phones is a safe and simple solution.

Outdoor Seating

Some restaurant owners, especially those with parking lots or those who share a parking lot with other restaurant owners, are starting to place outdoor seating for their customers. You may have to get other restaurant owners to agree with this plan so that you can all help each other with the setup. Being outdoors helps restaurant-goers feel a little better about visiting an establishment.

Not much is known about the virus, but one thing some experts agree on is that being indoors could increase the chances of catching or spreading the virus. It's important to make sure the tables are properly distanced from other tables. Placing markings telling customers that each table is six feet away from each other should make people feel better.

Takeout Revolution

Takeout is changing in many ways during the pandemic. Yes, some restaurants are creating menus that include food with pandemic names, but there's much more going on. For example, some business owners are offering meal kits to customers. What the restaurant owner does is package each food item separately along with instructions. Customers can easily put together the meal themselves. This is helpful for meals that don't travel well.

Other restaurant owners are offering heat-and-eat options, which are meals that people can heat at home. Takeout could also come with additional pantry items at some places. Restaurants are dealing with surplus inventory, and before letting these items go to waste, they are selling them to customers at discounted prices along with their takeout meals. Your customers will thank you when you save them from going to the store where they'll be exposed to other people.

Subscription Model

The subscription model that started online did not include restaurants, but that's no longer the case. A few daring restaurant owners are starting to introduce subscription services to their customers. The customer becomes a member, pays a certain amount each month, and is guaranteed a meal or a few meals a week.

The meal or meals are delivered at the same time every day to the specified address. This is something restaurants are doing to make sure they earn a certain amount of money each month. A lot of owners are dealing with uncertainty and can't pay their bills, which is the reason subscription services are becoming popular among some restaurants. The amount your customers should pay and how many meals you end up promising is all up to you.

These are just some of the innovations that restaurant owners are using to get through these strange times. Some of these changes might become a normal thing even after the pandemic is over, and hopefully, the end comes soon.

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