How Does YouTube Count Views


How Does YouTube Count Views

Do you want to measure the success of your marketing efforts through a video on YouTube? Several marketers are using the YouTube metrics in the likes of views to know how much their video content performs. What is a view on YouTube? Or better still, how does YouTube count the youtube views?

These are some of the many questions that will fill the mind of a YouTube user. It is essential to know what a view means or rather what it considers as a view in understanding YouTube views. YouTube will count its views depending on if the viewer started watching it or not.

Reading through this article, you will understand more about YouTube and how it counts the youtube views.

The art of YouTube views may seem simple, but in a real sense figuring out what has considered a view on YouTube is hard. Do you want to know the success of the content on your YouTube channel via the number of views, monetization the procedure, or gaining fame via the channel is vital to understand how YouTube counts the views. 

YouTube Views

YouTube views

YouTube intends to ensure that the views come from real humans and not bots. This is the main reason behind YouTube views only counts by applying these two criteria: the user should intentionally initiate video watching from particular channels. Another factor is that the user should watch the video on the platform for at least 30 seconds to be considered a view. That means after watching a video for at least those thirty seconds and then skip it, it will count as a view as well. However, viewing a video for less than thirty seconds, you will not get awarded any view.

Does this have any implications for the marketers? The video shows that the content in it is engaging, has a message, and is worth watching. Some videos get higher views than others, which is a clear guide to the kind of video content you should create down the road.

It is good to note that your YouTube videos will forever continue getting new views as long as they abide by the standards of YouTube. For instance, embedding a video on the website and forcing it to auto-watch will not offer any countable view. Also, buying youtube views through the use of bots will not provide any views on your videos. 

Trying all these spam workarounds to gain massive views will only lead your video removed from YouTube. This can put you into trouble as you could lose monetization privileges or account suspension. Therefore, there is a need to be vigilant about what you do around your YouTube account.

Repeated YouTube Views

If the viewer repeats watching the YouTube videos several, it counts the views to a certain point. For example, if a person watches a video several times a day, YouTube will stop counting views at a certain number. Although it has not specified the number of views in a day, experts believe that YouTube stops adding views count like 4 or 5 views in a day. It is good to know you cannot get friends, and team members spend the whole day watching similar videos many times since YouTube limits the number of youtube views it adds to the videos.

What about videos that are way shorter than 30 seconds? How do these types of videos earn views on YouTube? Even experts do not understand how much content you should watch on this content to earn a view. All we know is that the 30-second watch rule is a factor that helps YouTube to decide if your video is worth monetizing. That means a shorter video that 30-seconds cannot be monetized.

Watching Bots Can Never Work!

It is crucial to watch YouTube videos in a real and logical manner. That means if an account jumps from video to the next, watching each of them for 30 seconds, yet they don't seem to relate in any way, then it is not the right way. It means all these accounts have not been created by the same user and not recommended by the YouTube engines. YouTube will consider the watcher as a bot and will stop counting such youtube views.

There are other reasons why YouTube will not count views on your videos. These reasons are:

  • It doesn't count any views of a user that leaves spam comments on the vides
  • YouTube won't count any views that get embedded on the page.


Once you clearly understand view counts on YouTube, you can start a more robust video marketing strategy for your brand. All you need to do is know the videos that are doing well and those that lag behind youtube views. That way, you will learn how to steer your video productions towards the content that is working yet engaging your customers. 

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