3 Modern Ways to Replace Family Photo Albums


3 Modern Ways to Replace Family Photo Albums

Photo albums let you save original images and copies of photos that you'll want to share with future generations. You can organize those albums by date or event to keep track of your wedding photos and those you took at birthday parties and family reunions. There are dangers associated with traditional photo albums though. Not only can a fire wipe out your only copies, but the photos can suffer damage due to improper storage or because of a leaky roof. With three modern ways to replace family photo albums, you can store and organize your treasured memories and make copies for your loved ones.


As long as you have a Facebook account, you can easily share your albums with others. You need a digital scanner that allows you to make copies of your originals. Facebook allows you to create separate albums to highlight the images you took at certain events. You have the option of creating albums that include certain people too such as your grandparents and older relatives who are no longer with you. This social media site has a few editing tools that you can use to remove the red-eye from photos and cut or crop images. You can also upload videos to Facebook after using an online video editor to combine shots or old family films.

Another reason to use Facebook to replace your family photo albums is the tagging feature. Facebook automatically recognizes other faces found in your images and can often connect them to people on your friend's list. You can click on a face and enter the person's name to find them on your list too. If certain people aren't on your list, you can still add their names to the photos. Facebook includes an option that lets you make certain albums private too, which prevents others from viewing them.


Shutterfly offers modern ways to save and preserve your family photos as well as make gifts for your loved ones. When you sign up for a new account, you get a discount code that takes 10% off your next purchase. Shutterfly offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee too. If you buy anything from the site and aren't happy with your purchase, you can return it for a complete refund. The site automatically looks through your computer to find photos and allows you to upload those that you want to use. It works with other types of devices too.

The main reason to use Shutterfly is that it creates an online album that you can browse. You can pick and choose from those images to make special gifts too. Shutterfly prints calendars made from dozens of photos, face masks, and phone cases. You can print new albums made of your favorite photos and order large prints to hang on the wall.

Google Photos

As long as you have a Google account, you can replace your old photo albums with Google Photos. This feature comes already installed on most phones with an Android operating system and is available as a download from the marketplace. One nice feature of this option is that it automatically uploads your account when you take and save new photos on your phone. It also automatically detects new photos when you sign in to your account on a different device.

Thanks to cloud storage, you don't need to worry about losing your photos. It saves all your images to the cloud and has options to help you recover your password if you ever lose it. You get 16 MP of storage for free and have the option to add more storage for a small fee if you need it. With Google Photos, you have the option of deleting any photos that you don't want to save too.

The internet changed the way that people save and share photos. You no longer need to drop off your film at a store and wait hours or days for someone to process it. As long as you have an internet connection, you can now save your photos to the cloud and send copies of your originals to family and friends. Google Photos offers unlimited storage for users and free accounts. Facebook also offers options for storing and organizing your photos. You may want to try Shutterfly too, especially if you want to turn your photos into fun gifts. Any of these services are good replacements for your old family photo albums.

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